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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Tools for Conscious Living ~ Weekly Q-Note Subscription for Monday, August 3rd

Your Subscription includes:

1) A Weekly Audio File - your DAILY Astro Energy Planner delivered directly to you every Saturday as a downloadable MP3 audio for a VERY thorough day by day breakdown of the week ahead. Helping you optimize times to act, times to chill and more.. Mars transits Leo and Mercury transits Virgo  Subscribe ($2.50 per week)
2) A Quantum Note Soul Development Article meant to inform, educate and inspire you to experiment with your life in an uplifting and progressive manner.  The article for August 3rd is "Managing Your Energy (in a reactive world)."  Personal energy awareness is a necessity for living life your life at optimum levels - I provide well researched and utilized tips. Subscribe ($2.50 per week)

"As always you divulge a plethora of information that is helpful to navigate the every day. Your delivery I find is concise and beautifully translated. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and talents with the world. What a wonderful soul growth tool that I enjoy immensely!" ~Subscriber

Saturday, July 11, 2015

How the Quantum Field Works ~

In 2002 I began publicly speaking and teaching energy technology merging it into the Sales, Leadership, Understanding Your Dreams and Body Language training I developed.  Eckhart Tolle calls it Living in the Now, other terms include: manifestation, synchronicity, Source Field, God and Zero Point Energy Field.

The universe is a consciousness hologram. Reality is projected illusion within the hologram. It is a virtual experiment created in linear time to study emotions. Our hologram is composed of grids created by a source consciousness brought into awareness by electromagnetic energy at the physical level.

All living beings and inanimate objects are emanating tiny particles called Quanta.  We are dancing with other living beings and we are exchanging Quanta with other humans, animals and nature.  The smallest particles in every Atom carry a replica of the sender.

This Replica carries the beings emotions, thoughts, experiences and personal history – everything is carried in the energy.  The Establishing Phase is the bridge created between your heart and another’s. I believe Quantum ties you into the subconscious patterns and unconscious history of the human and the Soul. This is the level in which I work with clients.

Two waves meet and they become twice as big and creates the avenue in which to communicate and receive information.  Every living being thinks in pictures and is one of the reasons I encourage dream journaling as this is a direct “wave” into your own personal journey and subconscious history.  I have studied and journaled dreams for over 30 years.

Universal Consciousness is talking with the Spirit of God in every living being and is an ocean of holographic records that houses within it the history of every living being made possible through the Quantum process which is unconditional love.

The Birth Chart is the Soul Map revealing the records of the past and the potential of the individual’s evolution through the use, understanding, and interpretation of geometric relationship. ~

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Venus transits Leo - June 5th through October 9th

June 5th:  Venus enters Leo
June 21st:  Venus retrograde shadow period (Venus begins to "slow")
July 18th:  Venus enters Virgo
July 25th:  Venus retrogrades in Virgo at 0 degrees
July 31st:  Venus retrogrades back into Leo
Sept. 6th:  Venus turns direct at 14 degrees Leo
Oct. 8th:  Venus enters Virgo
Oct. 9th:  Venus retrograde shadow period ends (Venus energy fully functional)

You are entering a period focused on your heart, re-claiming your joy, self-expression and vitality.  Where Venus is transiting is where you are meant to experience "VALUE." Consider this a potent time for deepening your value related to play, your heart's passion, creativity, personal love and enthusiasm.  Venus is transiting the sign that Jupiter has been seeking to expand and magnify the past year. An important time as Venus would not spend so long a period in the self-actualizing sign of Leo weren't it not important.  A gestation process is underway urging you to go slow and deepen your personal experiences in love, play, with children, creativity and drama.  Let the molder do her work knowing that October is a time for new birthing and life experiences.
When Venus turns retrograde you are advised to suspend any "new" beautification projects, plastic surgery, and personal esthetic enhancements as things will not turn out as you wish.  Take a time out as Venus begins to slow the 2nd week of July and isn't fully operational until mid-October.  Additionally, any new relationships begun at this time will not proceed as expected once Venus turns direct in October.

ARIES:  This 4 month period of Venus transiting your 5th house is focused upon fun, entertainment, and having a good time.  It's important to enjoy yourself as it raises your vibration and increases your life force.  Children will be a stronger source of pleasure (what can you learn from them) and you may feel a stronger need to express yourself through a creative project or attend events (concerts, plays, parties) that expands your experience of joy and enjoyment.  Love relationships may undergo a period of review or a "quieting" as a deeper change is underway at the retrograde.  Ex's, former loves and playmates may re-appear at the retrograde as there seems to be a need for resolutions and understandings.
TAURUS:  You enter a 4 month period of focus in your personal life.  An expansive sense of well being and peace may encompass you inviting you to relax, "be," and live life at a softer pace.  Value is found with parents, family, domestic environments and with Soul focus.  Family and domestic relations become more amiable and congenial.  Spending time with family is important as this is a time of development and gratification.  Home decorating may be a focus but the retrograde is NOT a time to initiate new undertakings but rather to build upon what has already begun and to curb extravagance.  Deepening your sense of purpose and personal security is important.

GEMINI:  Over the next 4 month period your everyday surroundings, contacts and environment are more pleasant and agreeable.  Your social life picks up as you connect with neighbors and community to socialize and talk.  Sibling relationships are extra enjoyable as well.  At a deeper level the value of your mind, thought process and personal expression is under a period of re-shaping.  Let people know how much you love them and share those positive thoughts.  As Venus retrogrades those you have lost contact with may reappear in the form of relatives and community contacts.  They are a part of your developing value system and communication building.

CANCER:  Venus transiting your 2nd house amplifies the VALUE theme changing and magnetizing those things and circumstances to you.  The positive side of this is the ability to attract material possessions and money, as well as people.  Financial opportunities may come up but if you can curb the tendency towards extravagance this can work well.  Your tastes may be more lavish than your budget can afford.  Beautiful clothes, jewelry and art objects can be enjoyable now but you are encouraged to "hold off" on these very items when Venus turns retrograde.  Same with financial negotiations and investments - move forward until mid-July then put on hold until mid-October.

LEO:  An elongated Venus transit in your 1st house will influence your whole manner of expressing yourself to others.  A greater desire to relate to others, compromise , social agreeableness and making a favorable impression is especially easy now.  A positive for personal make-overs is encouraged IF done before mid-July or after mid-October.  Likewise with clothing sprees, plastic surgery, new and different hair cuts - all can bring elevated energy to your personal image, self-confidence and personal expression if done before or well after the Venus retrograde.  A time for deepening your self-respect and valuing yourself is the repatterning process of the retrograde.

VIRGO:  A powerful 4 month period commences inviting you to embrace your inner most energy.  This can be time for powerful messages in your dreams regarding your value, worth and desires.  Venus transiting the 12th house may bring a time to review your relating dynamics and relationships.  This may be experienced as a time of sacrifice on behalf of another experiencing hardship or ill health.  Value can be found in taking time for introspection, contemplation, rest and ultimately with an eye towards personal renewal when Venus transits your sign (full time) in October.  Be careful of over-giving or placing others on an unrealistic pedestal.
LIBRA:  Venus transiting your 11th house of contacts, friends and social activities signals a good time for a good time.  Long lost friends reappear now bringing VALUE to feeling supported, understood and validated.  Any work you may perform on behalf of groups, teams or committees will be valued.  Your ego energies are low so that you can deal agreeably with others making compromises and concessions when needed.  Love relationships possess a friendly quality.   Friendships bring love and love brings friendship.  A goal or dream can be actualized once Venus turns direct in September.

SCORPIO:  You are entering a long Venus transit through your 10th house that will create favorable circumstances in your business, professional or community life as you "attract" people and circumstance that further your work and community standing.  People in authority are favorably inclined toward you and most of these relationships will run smoothly.  As Venus retrogrades contacts or possibly opportunities from the past may appear.  Artistic matters may be important now as is relationship cultivation.  Attraction may be geared toward someone you perceive is of a higher status or position.  Take your time in any relationship matters knowing that clarity will indeed prevail during the mid-October period.  

SAGITTARIUS:  Hopefully travel is in your future over the summer months.  Any travel embarked upon now will be significant in the pleasure it brings.  Traveling to distant shores and frequenting places traveled before may be especially beneficial as Venus retrogrades in your 9th house.  Women at a distance can be helpful to you now regarding publishing, media or promotional work.  You desire the different, foreign and unexplored as a means to glean more value in your world view and place within it.  Philosophy, higher education and knowledge gathering geared toward your spiritual understanding is especially beneficial.  If websites or publishing activities are on your plate the slower the better as you hold an eye towards mid-October for launch.

CAPRICORN:  Venus transiting your 8th house can have subtle effects on a number of areas in your life.  The long transit can stimulate the sexual side of a relationship bringing value to the experience of intimacy and trust building.  This can be a time when your spouse, business partner or company enhances your situation making more resources available to you compliments of them!  Yet, financial situations may take longer to negotiate or implement as Venus turns retrograde.  There may be extenuating circumstances that require a longer period of patience and review before closure comes in October.  A time of psychological healing may be at hand as you have the "space" and time to deal with any outstanding grieving or mental stresses. 

AQUARIUS:  This is a very fortunate time for all relationships - love affairs, marriages, coworkers, partners, business associates, experts that you hire for their knowledge and the public as Venus transits your 7th house for an elongated period.  Expressing affection, emotions and feelings are easier now as you value your partnerships and interactions as you seek harmony and deeper understanding.  When Venus turns retrograde an invitation to go within and reflect upon your relating style and unconscious habits is especially fortuitous.  Any relationships begun under a Venus retrograde is not as it appears and you will inevitable discover and come to understand in October.  Former partners may reappear during the retrograde in the spiritual essence of bringing closure and enhanced understanding.
PISCES:  Venus transiting your 6th house of practicality, daily work and schedule seeks to bring more harmony, beauty and flow to your daily living.  Duties and obligations may need to be revised and reviewed within partnership and those you work with as Venus turns retrograde.  Financial favors are possible from your employer as are acts of kindness and consideration from those you work with and interact on a regular basis.  Weight gain is possible as Venus seems to magically double caloric intake and amplify your sweet tooth.  Value is found in the smooth running and mechanics of your daily life, obligations and responsibilities.