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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mars transits Cancer June 24th through August 8th 2015


A long and "hot" summer?

I was out of the country in December 2012 so it took a few days before I read the horror that occurred up in Sandy Hook.  I sat with tears in the airport reading the unbelievable story.  Since then, public shootings have become the countries new "norm" often on a weekly basis.  A numbing affect has happened since then or rather, a desensitization.  There will always be troubled and ill people in society but with guns so easy to obtain in the US the resulting violence has reached a deafening pitch.  Powerful NRA lobbyists and sophisticated "advertising" techniques that corporations and special interest groups have long employed get the results they pay handsomely for.

Cancer is the United States sun sign and Mars (guns/anger/war) will up heat up the debate through it's transit of Cancer.  Eros the asteroid of passion will be transiting with Mars upping the passion of the debate.  Pluto will be opposing the asteroid Psyche in the US chart over the next 2 years.  Will we move into nurturing (Cancer) or be subsumed by the power and money of the Corporation/NRA?  July will be heating up the dynamics.  How bad do things have to get before change is made?  Or none at all, further amplifying the simmering energies.  

Dates of Note:
July 1st:  Full Moon in Capricorn opposes Mars/Eros in Cancer
July 14th:  Mars conjuncts US Sun in Cancer
July 15th:  Mercury conjuncts Mars (conjunct US Psyche) and both opposes Pluto (14 degrees Cancer to Capricorn) in Capricorn (At the New Moon in Cancer) 
July 25th:  Mars squares Uranus (20 degrees Cancer to Aries)
July 26th:  Mars trines Chiron (21 degrees Cancer to Pisces)

In Cancer Mars asserts himself sensitively, shyly, indirectly, persistently, intuitively and sympathetically.  There is a need to feel connected with one's roots and traditions in order to clarify and understand one's direction in life.  Moodiness, self-protection, vulnerabilities, unconscious fears can color one's perceptions now.  Physical and sexual energy is stimulated by feeling cared for and protected.

Cancer rules breasts, stomach, digestion, food, restaurants, business activity, family, home, Mom and real estate.

ARIES:   Mars transiting your 4th house of soul, unconscious behavior, family and home can stir up energies with those closest to you.  The past bear an influence on your present behavior.  A time to be extra aware of "why" you are doing, feeling agitated or angry in your personal life.  Yet, this can be a very beneficial time for getting things done in your home or moving.  Domestic strife is a very real possibility as you tend towards self-focused desires and drives.  Living with parents can be especially difficult now as well and disputes over land ownership and use is possible.  The more you are "aware" of yourself and sensitivities the better. ~Conscious awareness coupled with physically active home related projects

TAURUS:  As Mars transits your 3rd house your everyday life picks up as you are motivated to connect, call, visit and communicate.  You identify strongly with your ideas and beliefs and may be a bit argumentative?  Be aware that what you say and how you say it carries extra punch now.  Sibling, neighbors, and your locale can be extra energized just beware of the "energy."  A brilliant time commences for writing and speaking as you put forth your ideas with considerable vigor.  If you need to "sell" someone on an idea this is a good time to do it.  ~Power through self-expression

GEMINI:  While Mars transits your 2nd house your ego is identified with what you own and what you value.  Your finances, earning power and material "stuff" is a focus.  More money may be flowing out the door as you spend on those things that provide a sense of ego gratification.  Conversely, your ability to earn more is equally possible.  You are able to use your personal resources (talents, money, possessions) to get things done.  ~Finances and personal resources

CANCER:  As Mars transits your 1st house this will be a time of great activity.  A positive use of this energy is through physical exertion and exercise.  A desire to further your own interests and assert yourself among others is strong.  Be aware that insensitivity be cause a few problems and clashes with your near and dear ones.  Your personality is much more dominate and assertive allowing you to take chances and the courage to assert.  ~Freedom needs and the energy to make things happen

LEO:  Mars transiting the 12th house of encourages you to work alone as much as possible.  This is not a time to seek acknowledgement or validations but to work on yourself, contemplate, rest, research and approach your world in a conscious state of surrender.  Helping those in need of your time or resources is a very useful application of this energy.  Behavior patterns you are not aware of may be more prevelant now as the 12th house is the area of life related to the past, unconsciousness and subconscious patterns.  Be very protective and nurturing of self.  ~The contemplative and restful side of life

VIRGO:  As Mars transits your 11th house it is a time to formulate your goals and actively pursue them.  You identify with the future now and want to work today with an eye towards the future.  Working with others is also highlighted and finding a balance between your own self-interests and the group's interest will be a focal point.  Ego clashes are possible with friends and within team dynamics.  Physical activity with friends is a brilliant use of this energy.  ~Action and activity with others

LIBRA:  Mars transiting your 10th house arouses your ambition to achieve.  You need an independent project that requires your individual initiative and effort as you will not be very tolerant of other people's authority.  You need and prefer to be your own boss.  Your energy can make an impression as long as you don't challenge or agitate them.  If you can remain conscious of other people's interests this can be an extremely useful time to make great progress toward the objectives you have set for yourself.  ~Staying aware of others ego energies too

SCORPIO:  As Mars transits your 9th house your creative and intellectual abilities are used to convey your view and experience to the world around you.  Teaching, writing, travel and spiritual knowledge may be used and shared to influence and make an impression on others.  Media, website development, marketing, promotions, publishing and travel will be more active and important now.  Be conscious of being overly forceful about your beliefs and ideas.  You need and desire mind expansion so look for experiences that will aid you in your growth and development.  ~The higher mind and intellectual ambition

SAGITTARIUS:  Mars transiting your 8th house signifies a transformation of some kind.  The 8th house is interested in evolution and growth often through the release of long held attachments, beliefs or values shared with another.  Be extra diligent with money as often this transit indicates an unexpected financial bill or payout.  There may be conflicts with those who share or hold sway over resources.  This is not a good time to apply for loans.  Sexual and intimate relationships can be extra gratifying now as you need an outlet for this amplified energy.  ~Death of an old order and birth of a new one

CAPRICORN:  As Mars transits through your 7th house of others this transit signifies an energetic time with those closest to you in the form of conflict, active participation or an unwillingness to accommodate others demands.  This can also be a time when you put a great deal of energy into working through and with another.  ~Using your energies efficiently by working through partnership

AQUARIUS:  Mars transiting your 6th house indicates a several week period of working hard and getting things done.  You are likely to take considerable pride on how much you can accomplish now.  This is a service oriented time but not a time for receiving accolades or acknowledgement.  You may in fact find it challenging following another's directive or orders.  The less you have to work with or for others the better.  This is also a brilliant time for health regimes and physical activity as long as you do not move in haste!  ~ Tasks and busy daily schedules

PISCES:  As Mars transits your 5th house of this is a time that you will demand to be yourself and express to others who and what you are.  You will not be inclined towards self-denial, discipline, or taking a back seat to another.  Play, sport, amusement, sex, leisure activity, children and creativity are all energized and enhanced during this transit.  ~Focusing on pleasure and appeal