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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Venus transits Cancer May 7th ~ June 5th

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Venus enters Cancer on May 7th where she will transit through June 5th.  In Cancer Venus expresses affection sensitively, protectively and comfortingly.  There is a need to be nurtured, to feel a part of a family (of origin or choice) and experience the known and familiar.  Women, restaurants, food and housing are more valued during this transit.  Hug people more ~

ARIES:  Venus transits your 4th house of home, family, private life and soul suggesting a peaceful time when you "value" and enjoy the quieter aspects of living.  Relations with family, parents and those you live with feel easier, sweeter and more relaxed.  You feel good placing attention to your living situation and those you co-habit with.

TAURUS:  Venus transits your 3rd house of everyday contacts, discussions, siblings and neighborhood.  Your social life picks up as you "value" the connections you have with others.  It's easier to see and acknowledge the affection you encounter and "generate."  A sense of mental ease, peace and the desire for beautiful surroundings increase.

GEMINI: Financial opportunities may arrive over the next four weeks but you may also feel inclined to spend more on beautiful things!  This can be a favorable time for relationship negotiations, artistic work and commercial activities relating to women, housing or family needs.  A time to "value" your abilities, talents and skills.

CANCER:  A pervasive warmth floods your energy system.  A four week period commences increasing your ability to enjoy yourself and others.  Pleasure feels more important than work and this is a wonderful time for social activities, trips and vacations.  You attract positive people and situations.

LEO: You may notice an increased selflessness over the next four weeks.  You want to help others in need and are not as concerned with your own ego gratification.  Secret longings, affairs and relating may be a focus.  Issues within relationships may surface allowing you to handle them with increased grace and compromise.

VIRGO:   A beautiful four week period to enjoy the company of others as leisure pursuits and cultivating your social contacts is satisfying and of value.  Any group gathering is peppered with friendliness, support and the desire to interact harmoniously.  All of your relationships possess a friendly quality.

LIBRA:  Favorable circumstances arise in your public life, community activities, marriage and image.  People see your positive and attractive qualities.  It's easier to influence others and experience harmonious exchanges with people in power.  Artistic endeavors and public relation activities may be a focus now.

SCORPIO:  Travels of the mind and trips are of high value now.  You seek out new experiences desiring to increase your understanding of the world around you.  Conscious expanding personal growth is supported as you broaden your big picture view.  Media, travel, legal and educational activities carry value.

SAGITTARIUS:  Deepening intimacy that evokes transformation in your relationships can happen.  Financial opportunities may arrive from an outside source - partner, financial institutions, payments, commissions and taxes.  A period of positive psychological evolution.

CAPRICORN:  A very positive period commences in all of your relationships, professional consultations and client activity.  It feels easier to give and receive affection, reach positive mutually beneficial compromises and gain deeper understanding of the needs of important others.

AQUARIUS:  A positive time is happening in all matters related to your work or profession.  It's easier to enjoy good relationships with fellow c0-workers, employees and those you work for.  You may gain financial favors on the job.  Day to day schedules ease up, smooth out and flow.  Pets and healthcare are very favorable during this period.  Watch your caloric intake.

PISCES:  Fun, entertainment and having a good time is of "value" now.  Love affairs, children and ease in self-expression is strongly enhanced now.  It's an empowered time to participate in relationships without feeling you are surrendering your identity.  Artistic matters - painting, music, singing, and acting are extremely satisfying.