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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mars transits Gemini May 11th ~ June 24th

Photo by www.staceyhinklephotography.com

May 15th:  Mars opposition Saturn (2 degrees Gemini to Sagittarius) hard work, focus, low energy, fear based reactions, obstacles to overcome and adjustments in discussions, travel, educational activities and communications.
May 23rd:  Mars trine True Node (8 degrees Gemini to Libra) mindful actions, positive developments in understanding, discussion and negotiation within key partnerships.  Destiny, growth and future developments
May 25th:  Mars square Neptune (9 Gemini to Pisces) dissipated energy, escapism, passive aggressive behavior, denial, over indulgence in alcohol/drugs, con artists, adjustments in spiritual and moral behavior
June 5th:  Mars sextile Jupiter (17 Gemini to Leo) confidence, taking chances, acting on faith and impulse, generosity, active, competition, upbeat communications and travels
June 9th:  Mars sextile Uranus (19 Gemini to Aries) excitement, flowing freedom activities, group interactions, friendships, positive technology developments, independent and rewarding action, astrology
June 11th: Mars square Chiron (21 Gemini to Pisces) health issues, wounding actions/anger, taking steps towards healing compassion, adjustments in teaching, coaching, spiritual pursuits

ARIES:  Action, communications and thoughts are focused on your every life as the tempo picks up.  Your energies will be high, active and ego oriented.  Be aware that your opinions may be communicated stronger than usual.  A desire to influence, sell your opinions and ideas is prominent.  You are acting on instincts but the planning and fine tuning will strengthen as Mercury turns direct mid-June.

TAURUS:  Action, communications and thoughts are focused on what you own, your income, your material goods and your values.  Ego is closely aligned now with self-esteem which can lead to increased expenditures and the desire to consume.  Your personal resources undergo a period of reevaluation.  Opportunities to earn may come from former contacts and situations.

GEMINI:  Action, communications and thoughts are focused on your personal interests and asserting yourself among others.  A period of great activity as you assert from your instincts, desires and ego.  Be mindful you are coming across more strongly.  A great time for physical activities, increased energy and the confidence to tackle projects that require energy and fortitude.

CANCER:  Action, communications and thoughts are focused on the past.  Please be careful as this is not always an easy transit and you may delve into recriminations and regrets regarding actions taken in the past.  A positive time for rest, review and spiritual awareness is a good use of this transit.  Not a time for strong personal stands or conflicts.  Consciously commit to a period of internal contemplation and restful rejuvenation.  You'll be much happier and healthier as you head into your birthday month.

LEO:  Action, communications and thoughts are focused on your goals, future and personal dreams.  Allow a gestation time as Mercury retrogrades knowing that you are in a molding phase with future, technology and group developments.  Friends from your past may reappear now bringing interesting connections into your everyday.  

VIRGO:  Action, communications and thoughts are focused on getting ahead, competition and career drive.  Please be mindful that you are more assertive than usual (which can be very good or not so much...) and others in your work or community may not respond well.  However, this is useful time for directing your energy while understanding that the clarity of next steps, planning and negotiations that will stand the test of time comes after Mercury turns direct in mid-June.  

LIBRA:   Action, communications and thoughts are focused on publishing, marketing, travel, knowledge gathering, educational pursuits and spiritual awareness.  You need some new experiences now and are instinctively game to try different things, meet people and expand your scope.  A strong time for polishing and tweaking your creative communications, marketing plans, website design and belief system.  Not a time for new campaigns or initiatives but to build upon what is already in place - you have the energy and drive.

SCORPIO:  The sum total of all of your experiences will lead in either great or small ways to transforming the ways in which you assert yourself in your world.  Every two years a review period occurs inviting you to go within and revise the ways in which you exert your energy.  Anger can erupt in the areas of shared resources so this is not a time for conscious negotiations.  A dynamic time for sexual expression.

SAGITTARIUS:  Action, communications and thoughts are focused on relationships, influencing others, activity with partners, clients and consulting with experts.  There is tension but if you are conscious of what you are doing this can be a creative time.  You are not apt to over accommodate or comprise on matters that are of importance.  The others in your world may feel demanding or unreasonable but this can heighten your ability to choose your battles wisely.

CAPRICORN:  Action, communications and thoughts are focused on working hard and getting things done.  You identify strongly with your performance and services and take pride in your accomplishments.  If you don't feel adequately recognized or compensated there may be conflict with your superiors or co-workers.  A positive to begin an active health regime, indulge in activities with animals and focus on the proactive running of your daily life.

AQUARIUS:  Action, communications and thoughts are focused on sporty activities, play and interactions with children.  Romantic desires may be strong now as you go directly after the object of your desire.  Physical romantic expression is amplified.  Creative projects take on a life of their own.  Conflicts with your offspring may be possible as there needs may feel demanding or willful.  A good time for doing what you want to do as you'll be lacking the necessary discipline to do things you really don't want to.

PISCES:  Action, communications and thoughts are focused on your drive for security, comfort and shoring up your resources.  Unconscious attitudes and behavior patterns from the past can reemerge now making home life a bit disjointed or agitating.  You need as much free room to move about your home and personal life as possible.  Physical projects in the home is a very useful expression of this transit.