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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Venus transits Gemini ~ sign by sign

Photo by www.scottmichaelanna.com

Venus transits Gemini from April 11th until May 7th.  In Gemini, the Goddess of Love and Relating expresses her affection verbally, cleverly, lightly and playfully.  The need to talk about your emotions and feelings is important for intimacy and connection.  Pleasure is changeable, curious, talkative and friendly.  Intelligence and wit is valued now as is variety and new stimulation.

Pay attention to what comes up for you in the way of value, focus and in relationships as Mercury will be transiting this very area for an elongated period of time.  Due to his retrograde (May 18th - June 11th) Mercury will be transiting Gemini from April 30th to July 8th amplifying and re-patterning your mind, plans and the decisions you implement in early July.

Dear Aries as Venus transits your 3rd house,  your everyday surroundings and activities are more pleasant and agreeable - your social life picks up.  Neighbors, siblings and friends highlight your days with chatter and light hearted exchange.  You discover there is a considerable amount of love in your everyday life.  Beauty in your everyday life is important and of value. You are eager to connect, drive about and enjoy the scenery.  A magnificent time to tell people you love them.  ~Love and beauty in the day to day 

Dear Taurus as Venus transits your 2nd house,  your ability to attract material possessions, money and people elevates over the next several weeks.  Financial opportunities may arrive but be aware that you are more apt to spend lavishly as well.  Purchases can include artwork, jewelry, beauty procedures and clothes.  Borrowing money and financial negotiations should favorably.  ~Beautiful acquisitions

Dear Gemini as Venus transits your 1st house, your desire to relate to others strengthens as you are willing to compromise, tend to negotiations and agreements.  Your energy is filled with warmth and agreeableness heightening your ability to attract high vibratory people and circumstances.  Life feels softer and friendlier now.  The Law of Attraction is a powerful tool to manifest positive situations ~A good time for a good time

Dear Cancer as Venus transits your 12th house,  selflessness in love and life may expand over the next few weeks.  Caring for a loved one, charitable activity and volunteerism are possible.  You are not seeking immediate gratification now and feel inspired to share of yourself in a helpful manner.  Time spent in self-reflection, meditation and floating time is especially rejuvenating and enjoyable.  Secret desires and relationships may be experienced now.  ~Forbearance and grace

Dear Leo as Venus transits your 11th house, you feel friendly and its a great time for group activities, friends and personal happiness.  Any situation in which you deal with many people is favored by this transit.  You want what is good for everyone and your ego energy is happy to comply.  All of your relationships, personal and professional possess a friendly quality.  ~What's good for others is good for you.  

Dear Virgo, as Venus transits your 10th house, attracting favorable circumstances regarding your work, public role and community involvement is enhanced.  People are viewing you as charming, appealing and willing to compromise.  Artistic matters , public relations or design work can occupy your time.  Any new relationship will be with someone older or more established who may act as a mentor or guide.  ~Enhanced reputation and goodwill

Dear Libra, as Venus transits your 9th house, conscious expanding experiences that broaden your life through beauty, love or travel can bring about personal growth.  Enjoyable pleasure trips, art exhibits, foreign connections and celebrations may be avenues for increased delight with the world around you.  Media relations, web design and educational exchanges are extremely satisfying.  Increased spiritual awareness can occur now.  You are attracted to the new and different. ~Mind expansion 

Dear Scorpio, as Venus transits your 8th house, existing relationships can deepen and give love a greater intensity.  A relationship that begins now will have a deep and transformative effect.  You may attract money through a business partner, spouse, financial outlet or inheritance.  Money owed to you can come through now and seeking a loan will be easier.  Psychological healing and support increases. ~ Benefits through others

Dear Sagittarius, as Venus transits your 7th house, it's easy to create a stronger balance between yourself and others enhancing all of your relationships, key partnerships and client relations.  Expressing affection in your committed partnerships sweetens and flows as you value more deeply the others in your world.  A new relationship may enter your life.  ~Harmonious relating

Dear Capricorn, as Venus transits your 6th house, work, daily schedules, co-workers, and employee relations are all positively affected as you seek and receive a higher level of camaraderie, cooperation, and support from those in your day to day life.  Responsibilities, obligations and tasks take on a softer and more pleasurable tone.  Benefits may come from those in your routine or health related environment.  ~Enjoyable schedules

Dear Aquarius, as Venus transits your 5th house, a favorable time to relax, play, feed your heart and express yourself is encouraged.  Love relationships and dating are satisfying as others more readily enjoy you simply by being you!  Art activities, concerts and esthetic pleasures are especially gratifying.  It's easier to enjoy and relate to your children and the younger generation. ~Open hearts

Dear Pisces, as Venus transits your 4th house, enjoying family, spending quiet times at home, beautifying your living space and entertaining guests is gratifying and valuable.  Relations with your parents are enhanced and feel more harmonious.  You feel amiable in a quiet way and enjoy like minded people surrounding you.  A deepening sense of security and personal value is more easily accessed and understood.  ~Soul rhythms