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Friday, April 24, 2015

Mercury's long trek through Gemini April 30th - July 8th

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Mercury enters Gemini on April 30th.  
Enters Retrograde Shadow (starts slowing) on May 4th at 4 degrees Gemini.  
Turns Retrograde at 13 degrees Gemini on May 18th - June 11th
Turns Direct on June 11th at 4 degrees Gemini
Clears Retrograde Shadow on June 27th (passes 13 degree Gemini)

In it's home sign Gemini, Mercury seeks stimulation, intellectual challenge, pranks, and variety.  At the deeper levels this process can speak to the concept of duality.  Where do you think one way and act in another?  Do you apply the knowledge you carry? Does life happen to you or are you conscious of how thought manifests your reality?

Mercury squares Neptune 3 times (9 degrees Gemini to Pisces) during it's retrograde suggesting a dissolving effect (confusion - thinking you have the facts/data/assumptions correct when they are yet to be fully formed) on your opinions, plans, and perception of children, siblings and friendships.  

Dates to be extra mindful of decisions/discussions are May 9th, May 29th and June 23rd while simultaneously understanding that something is in the forming/molding/gestation stage as Mercury is also positively contacting the North Node in Libra (the inner relationship/integrating your duality of thinking one thing and doing another in relationships).  The future is taking shape but patience is a virtue...

The number 4 is also prominent in this retrograde process (shadow begins at 4 degrees Gemini and the actual retrograde at 13 degrees (1+3=4).  Four energy is about practicality, organization, building resources and seeking knowledge. You are gaining expertise in the areas mentioned below.  Pay attention to your process and anticipate solid perspectives and plans to emerge by the end of June.

ARIES: Mercury's energy is intensified in it's own 3rd house as you have more discussions and conversations with others.  Meeting new people, traveling more frequently and contact with relatives and neighbors amplifies.  Yet, a re-patterning is taking place naturally persuading you to ponder your beliefs.  Reviewing educational and writing projects is natural for you now.  A sibling or sibling "like" relationship floats back into your world - there is important information for you.

TAURUS:  Your attention turns to whatever you value in life be it material, spiritual or intellectual.  A redefinition is underway repatterning your mind in these very areas.  A review of your inherent worth, money making ability, talents and material ownership is in a period of revision.  What you integrate and learn during this time will upgrade your outlook and earning potential.  Meanwhile, be very slow to commit your resources until the end of June.

GEMINI:  Your very manner of personal expression is undergoing a renovation and repatterning.  Your ability to examine yourself with greater objectivity and detachment is of immense value.  Be the watcher of your reactions, responses and thoughts.  A weeding out and upgrade is underway and what you learn about yourself will be of immense value into the future.  Table the need for important discussions, contracts and life decisions if possible.  You are in a gathering mode that will stand you in good stead at the end of June.

CANCER:  As your mind turns inward and embarks upon a journey of the past you are getting in touch with the more hidden sides of your personality, unconscious drives and habitual fears.  Consider this a clearing out period as you are unconsciously undergoing a period of renovation that will lead to deepening renewal and self understanding.  This may also portend a time of increased insights into your spirituality, divinity, intuition and higher truths.  Savor this passage.  Ask yourself what you want to create and manifest?

LEO:  Examining your ideals to find out how well they have served you is under review.  You need and will have more exchanges with friends and other groups you are associated with.  Talking over your problems with friends will be helpful now.  You are in a process of repatterning your goals, desires and tribal connections.  Lost connections often reappear to help you learn more about yourself and your social relationships.  Reviewing your future.

VIRGO:  You are undergoing a period of time when thinking about your life direction and outer world expressions (work, community, public) will be of immense value when Mercury and your gathering process collates and integrates towards the end of June.  Wisely, you are holding off talking (when possible) with superiors, bosses or employer about your work, advancement and plans while you gain a deeper sense of direction.  Your wisdom in knowing that any discussions/plans implemented during the retrograde will shift and morph yet again when Mercury turns direct.

LIBRA: A strong time for any kind of study, knowledge acquisition and education is commencing.  You may be reviewing your belief systems and assessing how cohesive and applicable they are in living out your life.  This is not an opportune time for launching a new website or media campaign but is a powerful time for revising and tweaking the content and details.  Travel may be in the frame now and is most probably to places and people you know and are familiar with.  Legal activity may slow now too fusing you with the knowledge that forward movement will once again commence into July.

SCORPIO:  Shared resources, loans, real-estate, and investments are undergoing a period of review.  Insurance or tax payments that have been on hold may now come in during the retrograde.  Alternatively, this is not a proprietress time for initiating new savings or resource allocation plans.  At the deeper levels a powerful time for personal transformation in your thinking, psychology and spiritual understanding is undergoing a renovation.  You need some private intellectual down time in order to re-sculpt your inner mental habits, fears and outworn beliefs.  A stronger mental orientation emerges into July.

SAGITTARIUS:  The desire to reach agreements, glean understanding and discuss any difficulties that may come up in your important key partnerships is a focus during the Mercury retrograde.  A process of gaining clarity and understanding with the others in your world is under review.  Wisely you hold off on assumptions as you connect to the "patience is wisdom" principle in your communications.  Clients, experts and people from your past may reappear enhancing the internal process of building self-mastery in your relating skills.  That which feels tabled or on hold is in the process of manifestation and will reemerge more clearly into July.

CAPRICORN:  For you especially please work with the "time conservative" principle.  Being time conservative means that you build an extra 1/3 of "time" into what is usually a rout and routine task.  A molding process is underway in your everyday life connected with work, health regimes, health prognosis, pet care and being acknowledged in your work.  Please know that less is more - this is not the time for new office equipment, software programs and appliances.  Revisiting those habits and systems already in place in the spirit of refining and ergonomics is nicely supported.  Life returns to more normalcy and intelligent insights into July.  You will also gain a deeper understanding of the value of your services - professional and/or domestic.

AQUARIUS: Who are you?  What brings you pleasure?  Do you feel safe enough to truly and authentically express yourself?  These are the areas of focus now as is making time for play, your children and the younger generation.  Much is to be gained through experimenting with your inner communication urges and allowing them to rise into the light of outward expression.  You are entering a time of reflection and review regarding your creativity, romantic relationships and for some, children development.  More confidence and self-love is the urging of the Mercury Retrograde.  Please heed it's call.

PISCES:  This is a natural time of intellectual withdrawal to reflect, think and examine your personal life.  Your inner most thoughts are under a period of review as your mind is pulled to the past.  Trust that these areas are seeking some sort of resolution and understanding - you become more aware that unresolved pieces from your past are surfacing now to be integrated and acknowledged ultimately strengthening your life, soul growth and personal security.  Allow yourself a "personal pass" on decision making with family or domicile knowing that clarity and congruency grows as you enter July.