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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Mercury transits Taurus

photo by www.scottmichaelanna.com

The energy representing how you think and communicate, Mercury,  joins Mars in Taurus on April 14th where he will transit before his long transit of Gemini beginning  April 30th.  Mercury brings conscious awareness and potential discussion to the Mars energy of desire, assertiveness and personal will.

The 21st and 22nd are strong days for Mercury when he first trines Pluto signaling a few days of concentration, financial flow, effective planning, and powerful discussion.  On the 22nd he conjuncts Mars in Taurus (16 degrees) supercharging your mental prowess, pragmatic reasoning, communications and travel.  Your words can come across more strongly than you intend on the 22nd.  Others will be expressing themselves more intensely as well - be aware if you are feeling angry or frustrated.

Mercury in Taurus communicates carefully, making sure of each word before saying it.  There is a slowing of your perceptions as your mind retains, steadies and consolidates ideas, this is a down to earth approach to planning and practicality.  Spontaneity is tempered with your desire for a more deliberate understanding.

ARIES your mind is centered on your values - material, intellectual or spiritual.  You will think about and plan more than usual now.  Negotiations can be a focus concerning property or money.  Your more concerned with business and commercial affairs - shopping and business activity increases.  Transactions and planning will be more important and as a result you should be able to make the situation work out the way you want. ~Valuable communications

TAURUS it's a good time for expressing your point of view to people.  You are able to put more of yourself into what you say and your more authentic as a result.  Your mind will be more active and you can accomplish a great deal over the next two weeks.  You may have a strong urge to get out and travel around your town and community.  This can also be a strong period for profitable and interesting negotiations or contractual discussions. ~Clarity of mind

GEMINI is more inclined to keep your opinions to yourself even when you "should" speak up.  You are also more in touch with the hidden aspects of yourself and others as you tune into the subtler aspects of life.  You may feel like withdrawing to think, study, daydream or meditate.  This transit can encourage a period of research or planning done in private. ~Contemplative time

CANCER influences you to think about your goals and personal happiness.  Are your goals really or own or have they been influenced by friends and other people?  You will have more verbal and intellectual exchanges with friends and groups you belong to.  It's a nice time for socializing and discussions.  Thinking about your future is not uncommon and is useful to examine you desires.  ~Increased social discourse

LEO your professional life is on your mind over the next two weeks to include community involvement and any public activity you partake in. Communications in your outer life may assume greater importance than usual as can paper work, following procedures or travel.  Advertising and contract negotiations should work out favorably.  ~Public communications

VIRGO it's a good time for study, education and intellectual eagerness.  Subjects relating to foreign places, the law, philosophy, publishing, education or higher knowledge will grab your attention.  A trip may be in the cards and if so should be interesting, active and different than the norm.  ~Elevated insights

LIBRA a time of inward reflection and reflecting upon your psychology and getting in touch with your more hidden thoughts, beliefs and feelings.  Exchanges can have a profound effect upon you causing you to make changes in your ways of thinking.  Finances, property and resources held jointly with another are a focus.  ~Transformational dialogue

SCORPIO clarifying and explaining issues with important others may be a focus.  You need other people's input regarding your plans and views and this can be an effective time for clearing up any misunderstandings within key partnerships.  You seek intellectual stimulation and conversations.  Contract negotiations and client activity may increase.  ~Receiving input

SAGITTARIUS you are more attentive to detail and using the best techniques available as you plan carefully and work out active steps in advance.  Your planning has a great sense of purpose.  Doing your job and being effective in your daily schedule is a priority.  Mercury can also increase nervousness or anxious - be aware of perfectionism tendencies.  Hygiene and health is a focus.  ~ Devil's in the details

CAPRICORN using your mind for amusement and self expression bring pleasure.  Prank playing and personal amusement is amplified.  Enlarging your mind through playing, games, with children and in creative expression is enjoyable and effective.  Mental leisure is important - doing, saying and expressing because it feels good without the need for purpose or productivity.  ~ Intellectual gymnastics

AQUARIUS it's a time of intellectual withdrawal to reflect and think about all of the activity and ideas you've encountered recently.  A time to examine your personal an domestic life and to make plans whether they are meeting your needs.  Increased communications with parents and siblings is probable.  ~ Personal pondering

PISCES you will have many discussions, contact and conversations with others.  Meeting new people, increased travel, and more exposure to relatives and neighbors are highlighted.  It's a good time for all intellectual activities, commerce, writing and communication.  Stay flexible and open to people's point of view as there may be useful insights to integrate.  ~Connected and on the move