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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Jupiter stations Direct ~ transits Leo through August 11th

Photo by www.staceyhinkle photography.com

Jupiter turns direct at 12 degrees Leo on 
Wednesday, April 8th where he will transit through August 11th

Dear Aries, as Jupiter turns direct at 12 degrees Leo your creative self-expressions commences another chapter of growth and expansion.  Children's relationships are set to improve and love relationships also have the capacity to expand the range of experience in your life.  The keyword is freedom as well as a growing sense of self and renewed faith.  Fun is important.  When you have fun your energy rises.  When your energy rises you attract good things. ~Heart openings 

Dear Taurus, as Jupiter turns direct at 12 degrees Leo gain is found within your soul, home, and personal life.  Your inner most sense of self is enhanced as is a need to be true to your self and your vibrational essence.  Any trouble within your domestic sphere is on the path to resolution.  Generosity within the family is possible, as is a move or home improvements.  Family support may feel stronger over the next several months.  ~Firming up inner foundations

Dear Gemini, as Jupiter turns direct at 12 degrees Leo communications with others improve and you are able to say what is on your mind more effectively.  Your everyday life is expanding to increase your wisdom and understanding through everyday contacts, friends, siblings and community.  People want to talk with and support you.  Writing, education and travel are all areas that can fuel evolution.  Car and computer purchases are possible.  ~Mental expansion

Dear Cancer, as Jupiter turns direct at 12 degrees Leo your values are cultivating another level of manifestation through your earnings, material possessions, talent development and spiritual gain.  It is now easier to effectively manage your resources to concentrate on a goal and desire.  Managing your material world and personal resources brings confidence and personal growth.  ~What do you value?

Dear Leo, as Jupiter turns direct at 12 degrees Leo another major cycle of increase is occurring.  Getting to know yourself better through personal discovery and new experiences is a need now.  People and resources are likely to be drawn to you and the spiritual dimensions of your life and personal truth is expanding.  Your increased self-confidence is expanding your scope of activities. ~Learning about yourself

Dear Virgo, as Jupiter turns direct at 12 degrees Leo your powers of manifestation are stronger as you are invited to go within for your motivation and spiritual fulfillment.  Your heart is more sensitive as are your powers of visualization and reaching another level of personal integration through healing the past, prayer, meditation and dreaming. You are very interested in spiritual truths and wisdom now.  ~Remembering your divinity

Dear Libra, as Jupiter turns direct at 12 degrees Leo your hopes, ideals and wishes for the future are entering another cycle of development and manifestation.  This is not a time to go it alone as helpmates are appearing or are on the way.  People are more than usually supportive and helpful through August.  You may also be in a mood to positively transform or reform society.  ~What is good for others will be good for you

Dear Scorpio, as Jupiter turns direct at 12 degrees Leo recognition or the esteem of your contemporaries may increase as long as you don't fall into the trap of arrogance or entitlement.  Promotions, public recognition and the ability for far reaching achievement is possible now.  Travel, writing or foreign contacts may become more important in relation to your work, community involvement and working with the public.  For some?  A marriage or change in status.  ~Life direction expands

Dear Sagittarius, as Jupiter turns direct at 12 degrees Leo your educational, publishing, legal activities and quest for knowledge increases.  Your desire to learn more about the world around you, connect with higher consciousness, or advance your education improves.  Your views on life are changing and this is a powerful time of maturation in the most positive sense.  ~Personal adventures

Dear Capricorn, as Jupiter turns direct at 12 degrees Leo insurance, commission, alimony, or tax payouts that are overdue or on hold are now received.  Pooling resources with another through investment or business partnership is possible now.  People are more willing to help you and share their resources with you.  Healing limiting psychological patterns is supported.  ~Benefiting from other people's resources

Dear Aquarius, as Jupiter turns direct at 12 degrees Leo another chapter of one-to-one encounters with people who can help you out in various ways is underway.  You are not inclined to go it alone, nor should you.  You very much need another person's assistance to mirror your individuality.  Through August it will be a good time to consult with professionals and learn through their expertise.  Committed relationships can grow stronger, uncommitted can convert to commitment, and those in partnerships that have stagnated may now find the courage to leave.  ~Learning through others

Dear Pisces,  as Jupiter turns direct at 12 degrees Leo work and schedules become more fulfilling and enjoyable.  Better working conditions, co-workers or employee hires is probable over the next few months.  Feeling supported and more gratified in one's daily life is healing and life affirming.  There is a tendency towards weight gain during this transit.  If you've experienced ill health recovery will now be easier to attain and maintain.  ~Upbeat duties and tasks