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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Gestating on Jupiter? TWO Day for Thursday and Friday, April 2nd & 3rd ~

Photo by Pia Bell Ford

Thursday, April 2nd:  Something is brewing and is definitely tied to the opportunity and expansion that seemingly has been on hold since December.  The mind is clear and pragmatic and the heart is becoming inflamed with possibilities as the Sun trines Jupiter in a fiery connection that invites you into the world of inspiration, "asking for more from life," and taking a chance.  Identifying and believing in your optimism and desire for growth is part of the fuel that is gaining a foothold.  Jupiter has stopped in the sky in preparation for his station direct on the 8th.  Identify, act on opportunity and back up that opportunity with applied steps and planning.  Mercury is trine stable Saturn indicating that your goals and faith do indeed hold fertile and sustainable ground in the conscious mind.  Very good ~ The Moon in Virgo is VOID however, all day long....plant those seeds with a view to next week as a time of manifestation and outward opportunity.  Create it now internally but be patient...

On FRIDAY the Moon heads into Libra and you feel the Eclipse energy (you already do...), hopefully you not quaking under the bed in fear but committed to your own emotional processing while being aware of content and the commitment to release.  Be the watcher and process whatever comes up.  The slower the better actually.  There is a feeling of finality, of taking stock and clearing up any residual denial that may be lurking.  Without challenge there would be no growth, without choices there would be no evolution, without fear there would be no bravery. ~