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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

TWO DAY for Wednesday and Thursday, March 4th & 5th ~ Full Moon

Photo from David Lynch's documentary "School of Thought"

Wednesday, March 4th:  Magnetic attraction is supercharged as the energy ruling gravity, Venus, is empowering you to connect with more abundance (love, money, personal value, relationships) and expand your sense of possibility both mentally and emotionally.  The detachment that accompanies this energy is helpful as you see where you have settled or gone along to get along.  Releasing and shifting from fear based beliefs is a necessary part of this process.  Breakthroughs and exciting opportunities are available, if YOU are available for them.  (Venus conjunct Uranus 14 degrees Aries trine Jupiter in Leo/square Pluto in Capricorn).

The Moon is now transiting humble, service oriented Virgo.  Enhanced energy openings arrive through May as the asteroid Psyche opens more portals for awakened personal action and intuitive fortitude (Psyche in Aries through May 8th).  Awareness of your desire nature and ego structure is also heightened making you aware of the areas of personal integration between your separate individuality and desire for partnership (Mars opposition North Node 10 degrees Aries to Libra).

On THURSDAY the Full Moon occurs at 1:07 p.m. EST at 14 degrees Virgo.  A powerful manifesting time with an eye towards merging the form with the essence.  Inspiration needs to be coupled with application and the desire to be of service on this planet while taking practical steps to achieve your vision.  Health, animals, work, co-workers, voluntary sacrifice, meditation, rest and your schedule reach some level of culmination, chapter end and illumination.  Personal power is highlighted.  The areas of focus today will grow, deepen and expand into August and September.  Pay attention to what comes up for you as the seeds of future growth appear.  

The miscommunication, technology glitches, and travel issues should be dissipating as Mercury is now free of his retrograde shadow (17 Aquarius).  Any fears you've carried about lost opportunities recede as you come to understand they've simply been built on firmer ground. The Moon goes VOID (externals quiet down) at 1:07 p.m. EST for the remainder of the day and ALL DAY on Friday until the Moon enters harmony seeking Libra just before 8 p.m.  Get important decisions and agreements completed in the morning.