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Sunday, March 15, 2015

TWO DAY for Monday and Tuesday, March 16th & 17th

Photo by Stacey Hinkle ~

Monday, March 16th:  A potent week for change and fresh beginnings is underway as the final Uranus Pluto square engages (exact today at 15 degrees Aries to Capricorn).  This configuration began in 2012 (June) and is culminating this month.  The question?  Where do you need to create personal change in your life?  Change is often uncomfortable - especially the kind that forces you to make course corrections and embark upon another personal chapter.  But, inherent in chaos and discomfort is incredible opportunity.  Discomfort is often the catalyst used to take a chance and to reach out for new methods and approaches.  Once decisions are made you then move into the skill building phase (now into 2016) to support your next chapter. 

The Moon moves into Aquarius (Uranus territory) in the early morning connecting emotions with the future, the detached, the innovative, the group, the friends, the technology and the emancipatory.  Fear, limitations, hard work, focus and perseverance is in evidence today as Mercury squares a now retrograde Saturn (4 degrees Pisces to Sagittarius).  Easy does it with any limiting beliefs, traffic issues, communication glitches and family/career discussions.  

On TUESDAY the energy of what you value, personal esteem, finance, and relating shifts out of assertive Aries and enters grounding and sensually oriented Taurus, where Venus will transit through April 11th.  In Taurus, affection is expressed physically, warmly, steadily and possessively.  Material comfort, the five senses and contact with nature is especially soothing. 

The energy is also building to the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse on Friday in Pisces.  Instinctual adjustments, awareness and soul urgings press for adjustment as the Sun in Pisces (amplifying change) squares the Milky Way's Galactic Center (from 27 degrees Pisces to Sagittarius). 

A powerful week to operate as a gentle change agent on behalf of self and others.  The Sun will move into Uranus territory on Friday when he makes his annual ingress into Aries further powering your conscious awareness in connection to personal change, assertion and inspired action.

The Moon in Aquarius goes VOID at 2:19 p.m. EDT for the remainder of the day supporting your emotional space and the Saint Patricks Day festivities. ~