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Thursday, March 5, 2015

TWO DAY for Friday and Saturday, March 6th & 7th

Photo by Scott Anna ~

Friday, March 6th:  The Moon in Virgo is VOID until 7:53 p.m. EST when she then ingresses Libra.  A useful day for tasks, chores, playing catchup and rest.  When the Moon is VOID she is not making connections to the large stars.  Hence, an emotional passivity or apathy is present.  Most will assert they make logical analytical choices.  In truth your decisions are based on emotions and instincts, then the mind goes about rationalizing the emotional/instinctual decision.  

When the Moon is VOID you are more inclined to handle what is already on your plate and to revisit items, chores, and tasks that were previously set aside as you are not feeling the impetus or drive to initiate new projects and decision making.  Enjoy the emotional "space of time."  The Moon then enters Libra at 7:53 p.m. and your attention shifts from useful work to harmonious relating and social activity.

On SATURDAY the Moon in Libra is energized, irritated and/or motivated by her opposition to assertive Mars (exact at 8:43 p.m.).  An energy seeking fusion, compassion and wisdom is felt today and tomorrow as the Sun conjuncts Chiron (17 degrees Pisces).  Often Chiron is a catalyst in the healing process, teaching, taking classes and energy work.

Something may irritate a wound and sensitivity today but that vulnerability can be a precursor to an increase in your awareness and ability to connect with benevolence and tenderness.  Consideration, grace, and humanity. ~