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Thursday, February 12, 2015

TWO DAY Forecast for Friday and Saturday, February 13th & 14th

Photo by Scott Anna ~

Friday, February 13th:  The Moon continues her transit through expansive and spiritual Sagittarius and with Mercury's change into direct motion you may begin to feel that you are gaining your bearings, thoughts, and perceptual foothold.  

A potentially intuitive time as the desire for Soul merging and higher understanding is denoted as Venus conjuncts the psychic asteroid Psyche (21 degrees Pisces).  This can be a highly romantic and idealized desire for soul union as your romantic ideals are engaged.

Your insights and desires may be challenged by your desire for truth vs. your comfort zone as Mars squares Pholus (25 degrees Pisces to Sagittarius).  Allowing for some shifts is helpful as some element of your ego, will, or desires are in a period of adjustment in connection to travel, knowledge gathering, media activity, higher consciousness and legal developments.  This may also be felt as a "release" from the spiritual vs. religious ties that bind.  Or, insight into long held dogma that frees you to follow your creative, intuitive and higher consciousness.

On SATURDAY the Moon in Sagittarius is VOID from 10:15 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. when she then ingresses traditional and conservative Capricorn.  In Capricorn you seek structure, reliability and emotional involvements that have staying power.  

The Sun is now sextile to Pholus (25 degrees Aquarius to Pisces) supporting your conscious awareness and the opportunity to release yourself from unhealthy and toxic generational/family imprints. 

Transformation in nurturing, motherhood, physical pleasure and passion may build as Pluto conjuncts Ceres (at 14 degrees Capricorn).  Personal power and change can be experienced in relation to your mother, parenting functions, elements of self-care, the ability to give and receive nurturing, career dynamics and ambition drives.  Spending time in nature can be especially rewarding now.