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Thursday, February 19, 2015

TWO DAY for Friday and Saturday, February 20th & 21st

Photo by Scott Anna

Friday, February 20th:  Your values, desires and relating has been under the Piscean energy of idealization, soul union, creativity and passivity as Venus has transited Pisces.  Today at 3:06 p.m EST she joins the male assertive energy of Mars and enters Aries where she will transit until March 17.  A fresh start is indicated in your relating, desires, proactiveness and competitive spirit as Venus is much more assertive and direct in her partnering style and value system.  Forthrightness, winning, action and initiative is valued and expressed over the next few weeks.  

An illuminating dynamic between give and take, fairness, personal creative expression vs. the group harmony is highlighted as Mercury opposes the Goddess of Marriage and Equality, Juno (4 degrees Aquarius to Leo).  Wallflowers beware as anything that has felt passive aggressive will be called out today in the spirit of fairness.

The Moon is VOID in Pisces (no strong external directives) until 6:14 p.m. EST when she will enter the Arian Ring of personal relating at 6:14 p.m. EST. 

On SATURDAY the Moon in self-initiating Aries creates excitement and surprise as she conjuncts Uranus at 5 p.m., and then heralds transformation and intensity as she squares Pluto at 6 p.m. EST.  The evening comes into balance and goodwill towards 7:30 p.m. as a supportive and generous trine to Jupiter highlights the evening.

You will be feeling the assertive energy of Venus conjunct Mars (exact on Sunday at 1 degree Aries) ushering in a new or "renewed" level to your desires, ambitions, financial and romantic prowess.  Passivity is a thing of the past over the next several weeks.  Fresh starts in relating, dating, romance and financial endeavors may commence into the week ahead.  

What was illuminated on Friday regarding imbalances in relating and situations now finds ground and balance as Saturn trines Juno (4 degrees Sagittarius to Leo) connecting heart energy with higher consciousness, desire with mental balance, and inspiration with committed passion.