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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

TWO DAY Forecast for Wednesday and Thursday, January 28th & 29th


Wednesday, January 28th:  Intuition, insights and uplifting awareness in your thoughts, communications, travels (of the mind and otherwise) are the hallmarks of Mercury sextile Uranus (12 degrees Aquarius to Aries).  Insights that may have eluded you are showing themselves and igniting a fresh perspective.  Additionally, whispers of destiny and future plans are tapping gently in your consciousness as Mercury makes the 2nd of his 3rd trines to the destiny point North Node (12 degrees Aquarius to Libra) and will complete this process on February 25th.  The Moon in earthy Taurus is VOID (not making aspects to the major luminaries) until 5:36 pm when she ingresses the sign of curiosity and intellect, Gemini.

On THURSDAY the Moon makes supportive connections to the Sun, Mercury and Uranus throughout the day supporting your emotional/instinctual with your conscious will and rational mind.  The evening hours (7 p.m. EST and after) however feel more challenging as your security needs require adjustment (square to Mars), sensitivity (square to Chiron) and an awareness for high levels of self care and support.  Go gently into the night.