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Friday, January 2, 2015

TWO DAY Forecast for Saturday and Sunday, January 3rd and 4th

Full Moon photo by Linda Karin Hicks ~

Saturday, January 3rd:  The Sun Uranus square is already in effect (exact at 3:40 a.m. EST at 12 degrees Capricorn to Uranus) riding on waves to break up old and (seemingly) stifled routines.  Freedom urges are strong as you desire more authentic self-expression and lifestyles yet, this can be unbridled energy.  Acting on poorly thought out urges devoid of consideration for self or others can be destructive.  Honor your needs while taking conscious action.  Your day will probably not run along predictable levels as disruptions, planning, and group activities can be surprising, exciting and different!  Venus heralds in and carries out this energy as she ingresses Aquarius and transits through January 27th.  Your style of affection and what you value shifts from the conventional and responsible, to the innovative and freedom loving.  Friendship will be important in your relationship dynamics now.  Detachment and authenticity play out in your partnership dynamics and financial dealings.  

The Sun is also in conjunction to Pluto (exact at 6:31 p.m. EST) engaging you at deep levels as you seek to purge and transform elements of personal will and desire.  Power urges can be strong and will be utilized in varying degrees.  Anger, manipulation, and aggressive behavior can emerge in your world.  You may feel exceedingly emotional, tearful, and powerless.  Yet, staying with these feelings provides insights into the shifts and needed transformation empowering you to live a happier and meaningful life.

On SUNDAY the Full Moon occurs at 14 degrees Cancer which squares Uranus, opposes Pluto, and squares the spiritual point of the North Node.  A sensitive day to be sure.  Keep your schedule light as you tend to your emotions, personal, and family needs.  Culminations and awareness is highlighted between your internal life and soul needs, and career and public obligations.  Take care of yourself, nurture, rest, and tread gently. 

Mercury ingresses Aquarius (through March 12th), joining Venus, and enhancing your communications and value system while aligning with your conscious communications and intentions.  This energy further strengthens the desire for friendship, comrades, and fairness.  Technology, astrology and group endeavors are a focus.