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Sunday, January 4, 2015

TWO DAY Forecast for Monday and Tuesday, Jan. 5th & 6th

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Monday, January 5th:  The Moon continues her journey through Cancer allowing you to continue to access your deeper emotional self.  Along side this energetic is a Sun North Node square (from 14 degrees Capricorn to Libra) pushing for a level of integration between your conscious awareness of "self" and your eternal divine truth of self.  Be aware of that inner knowing.  Mercury is in sextile to Saturn (from 1 degree Aquarius to Sagittarius) grounding your ability to focus, plan, travel and engage in a mature manner with children, friends and sibling.  

Mercury is now moving into his retrograde shadow.  What occurs today in the above areas will be under a period of review, revisions, and upgrades heightening your internal awareness through February 11th when Mercury turns direct, again at the 1 degree Aquarius mark.  Plans with technology, friends, groups, goals, future plans and children needs some time to mold and gestate - trust the process.

Ceres sextiles Nessus (from 28 degrees Sagittarius to Aquarius) furthering your ability to balance the scales of free will in your nurturing and loving ability.  A fertile time?  Perhaps :)

On TUESDAY the Moon enters the sign of the child, heart and play as she ingresses Leo at 6:03 a.m. EST.  She shines more emotional awareness on the Mercury area as she opposes Mercury and then Venus.  Instincts and feelings merge with mind and heart.  Venus sextiles Pallas (from 4 degrees Aquarius to Sagittarius) providing the opportunity to arrange your team and technology activity with a wise and skillful hand - intuition shakes hands with your business plans and communications.