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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

TWO DAY for Wednesday and Thursday, January 14th & 15th

Photo by Jacquie Obernesser

Wednesday, January 14th:  The Moon continues her transit through transformative Scorpio and connects in a harmonious and creative trine to Neptune at 5:52 a.m. EST.  In the evening hours (9:00 p.m. and after) the emotional climate is flowing with deep feelings, spiritual understanding, and compassion as the Moon reaches out to Pluto and then Chiron.

On THURSDAY challenges arrive in the form of obstacles, fear, limitations, low physical energy, and/or hard work, as Mars squares Saturn (from 2 degrees Pisces to Sagittarius).  Is more knowledge needed?  Patience?  Not a day for pushing back at outward forces as Pluto is now in square to the North Node (from 13 degrees Capricorn to Libra).  Life is an inside job is the message.  Integration between the need to release fears, enforcing "hard control" strategies, and power plays, is pushing, pushing, pushing you towards a spiritual growth need for balance, inner harmony (regardless of externals) and conscious relating.  

Detachment and objectivity is a sustainable option as you set your sights on future possibilities while Mercury concurrently trines the North Node (from 13 degrees Aquarius to Libra).  This is a cycle of growth that will reach it's apex of understanding on February 25th as Mercury will be trining the Node (due to his retrograde) on the 28th and again on February 25th.  Trust the process and slow down as a conscious learning cycle is underway.  Children, friends, groups, travel, relating, relationships, and planning are under a period of review and gestation.

Summary?  A ripe day to feel your buttons are being pushed.  Yet, being mindful of old and familiar "reactive" patterns will help you slow down and let the negative chemical pattern dissipate.  Patience, conscious awareness, and asking the question "How can I interpret this situation differently," will be useful strategies to employ. ~