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Sunday, January 18, 2015

TWO DAY for Monday and Tuesday, January 19th & 20th ~ New Moon

Photo by Scott Anna ~

and Mercury's elemental expressions through the signs ~

Monday, January 19th:  We live in a world that heralds the left brain proactive process of problem solving.  That left brain function (Mercury) is much like a 17 year old boy that has been promoted to a C-Level position.  The boy doesn't have the knowledge nor experience to execute such a position of importance.  Much can however, be solved at the inspirational and intuitive levels leading you instinctively into levels of truth and awareness while directing the 17 yr old how to take the practical steps needed to manifest the inspiration of the heart.  It is no coincidence that Mercury is now sitting in neutral preparing for his backward trek through Aquarius as Mars moves into his every two year conjunction with intuitive Pisces (5 degrees Pisces).  A potent opportunity is upon you to ponder the gap between your heart and your mind.  

Moral schizophrenia may easily be interpreted as the disconnect between the sensiate (feeling state) vs the mental rationalization process.  The Venus opposition to Jupiter (19 degrees Aquarius to Leo) further awakens your opportunity to connect with your heart, the childlike honesty within, and your emerging value system.  Faith and expanding possibilities in your world of love, resources, and happiness is the emerging focus.

The Moon in structuring and pragmatic Capricorn loosens her grip and goes VOID at 5:51 a.m. EST for the remainder of the day while conjuncting soul transforming Pluto.  Emotional input from your external world quiets as you engage more deeply with your feelings and instincts.

On TUESDAY the NEW MOON occurs at 8:14 a.m. EST at 0 degrees Aquarius while the life affirming Sun simultaneously enters Aquarius for the next 4 week period.  The Aquarius symbol represents energy waves that are constantly operating at the Quantum level of life.  Focusing on your personal heart energy in the most uplifting way possible sends out signals of intention to your world and your reality structures.  A most useful modality of consciousness.

Simultaneously both Uranus and Pluto are connecting with the destiny point the North Node all month pushing, pressing, and inviting you to consciously create and connect with your personal evolution.  Your inner relationship forms your outer relationship reality as you continue to understand and operate from the viewpoint that life is indeed an inside job.