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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Numerology ~ January's INspire Videoscope and the Video Library

INSPIRED Life Video Series

I'm so enjoying the Inspire videos, and your perspective on everything! Thank you so much for all you do! You help so many people grow and understand who we are meant to be.
~INspire Subscriber

Uh ha. .. after watching your video I know why after months of thinking I should check out your INSPIRE videos,  my inner voice said,  "Time to subscribe now" So happy I did!! ~INspire Subscriber

JANUARY'S 2015 INspired Video ~ Numbers
I discuss the vibration of numbers.  We live in a geometric universe and numbers carry vibration.  I will discuss the numerology of addresses, birthdates, 2015 and reoccurring numbers.

Happy New Year - an 8 vibrational year


The Astrology of 2015 -
We visit dates to be aware of, times of opportunity as well as cycles indicating a time for patience and gestation.  Node & Jupiter into Virgo, Planet Stations, Eclipses and more...

 Spiritual passages of development (the Chiron Square and Chiron Return), healing the past, and the emotional component of disease.  The Wound that makes you Wise.  Soul's awakening.

The asteroid Ceres
What you need to feel loved and nurtured.  Death and rebirth - the mystery of renewal, environmental awareness, agriculture and mothering.  Ways to nurture yourself and care for your body. The care of girlsl transitioning into adulthood. In transit and sign by sign.  I will include a table to find Ceres in your own chart.

Pluto ~ the next level of Soul Renewal
The transformative energy of Pluto - enforced growth, change or die, transformation of reality, structures and ambitions.  Soul renewal, transmutation and personal power.  Pluto turns direct in Capricorn at 11 degrees.  I'll discuss this energetic sign by sign.  Pluto's transits over the next 6 months will be listed - "dates to be aware of."

The Manifestation Process and Neuroplasticity
Every time you learn something new the brain upscales it's hardware.  Remembering is maintaining and sustaining that hardware.  You are the "field," aura, or atmosphere AROUND your body, not the other way around.  How to create abundance in your life, consciously "choose" that which you wish to experience, and live in a stronger state of peace and grounding.  I'll discuss the Neuroscience of the mind - the neocortex (the learning brain), the lymbic (the emotional brain) and the cerebellum (automatic skills/reactions brain)

Jupiter transits Leo (the sign of the heart and inner child) on July 16th. 
I discuss areas of expansion, "play," knowledge gathering and the best timing over the next several months for taking a chance/risk.  Self expression becomes important for for your spiritual growth as does love, romance, children and management ability. Sign by Sign ~

Mars through the Signs
Mars is our initiation style, what we desire and how we go about getting it.  Sign by sign with house placement.  Courage, sexuality, our willpower, physical and male energy.  How we feel powerful, our physical attractions and sense of empowerment.

Venus in the Signs 
Your values, creativity and interpersonal relating style.  Wherever Venus is located in the natal chart indicates that the house affairs concerned are of importance in resolving karmic obligations. Venus wants us to develop values and feel good in the house affairs in which she inhabits. Venus is also the esoteric ruler of Gemini - the synthesizer. Discover Venus's beneficial vibrations to the house/sign in your chart in May's INspire Video

How Your Beliefs Determine Your Reality
Working with vibrational energy through Law of Attraction

The North Node
Our soul contract and spiritual growth in this incarnation.  Shows us where we need some work and commitment which leads to personal growth and "flow."  Where we need to share our knowledge and experiences with others. I will provide a TABLE so you can locate your personal North Node ~

Dream Symbols and Intrepretation:
What do babies, tidal waves, cars, clothing, houses and many other dream symbols mean?