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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Weekend Forecast ~ Dec. 19th - 21st ~ New Moon, Solstice, Uranus Direct

New Moon photo by Scott Anna ~ 
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Friday, December 19th:  The Moon heads out of emotionally seeking Scorpio and into the philosophical sign of Sagittarius just prior to 5 p.m. EST.  Emotions feel more buoyant but a Moon Saturn conjunction denotes a few hours when you feel serious, responsible and are well served dealing with your obligations.

On SATURDAY you awaken to a Mercury Neptune sextile providing the opportunity to focus on compassion, creativity and soul awareness.  This is helpful as Venus connects with the revolutionary Uranus Pluto square.  She squares Uranus (12 degrees Capricorn to Aries) highlighting the freedom theme in relationships, value systems and finance.   Venus conjuncts Pluto (Capricorn) in the afternoon lending another layer of transformation and release in your ambitions and life direction.  Venus Pluto events often feel quite fated, obsessive and passionate.  Mindfulness in money and relating is helpful now.  The Venus Uranus square's desire for release from restraints, stultifying situations and partnerships is extra potent as Uranus is stopped dead in the sky preparing for his direct motion on Sunday.   

All the while you are under the Mars Uranus sextile (12 degrees Aquarius to Aries) offering up the opportunity for enlightened ego expression, proactive action and creative insight.  As always, the heart is wiser than the mind. Attracting what you desire while projecting gentleness onto your outer world dissipates the wrong use of power.  Empowerment is the realization that you are responsible for your world - as are others.

On SUNDAY Uranus turns direct at 12 degrees Aries where he will gather focus and retrace his steps from his retrograde last Spring.  More change, personal will, and autonomy evolves in this next chapter of life.  The New Moon occurs at 0 degrees of Capricorn along with the Winter Solstice lending focused power to the next chapter of structuring your reality and manifestation process.  The Sun heads into Capricorn for the next four weeks where your will grows in determination and ambition.  You seek results now and take responsibility for your life direction, work life and interactions with authority figures. ~