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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

TWO DAY Forecast for Wednesday and Thursday, December 10th & 11th ~

Colorado Springs, Photo by Rose Evans Walker ~
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Wednesday, December 10th:  The energy representing your values, magnetic attraction and relationships enters Capricorn where Venus will transit until January 3rd.  In Capricorn the Goddess of Love and Beauty is discerning, seeking slow and steady development rather than quick and dynamic.  Building structure and reliability is important now in your career, finances and partnerships.  Value is found in the thought forms of "how does this serve me," "is this sustainable," and "am I supported in practical ways?"  Romantic involvement develops more slowly, deeply and responsibly.  The Moon travels through expressive Leo.

On THURSDAY the Moon in Leo makes a number of harmonious aspects trining first the Sun, then Mercury and finishing with an uplifting and faith-filled conjunction to Jupiter at 7:22 p.m. EST.  The 6th Uranus Pluto square is perfecting (exact this weekend) heralding in another contact point of shifts, changes and adjustments.  You are getting better and more skilled in acknowledging the areas that are in need of personal change, transformation and increased freedom.  Furthering the skill building time we are all collectively engaging in.  The less aware the more enforced the changes (outwardly driven).  The more aware go within working with their soul renewal, shifting perceptions and healing (inwardly driven).