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Thursday, December 4, 2014

TWO DAY Forecast for Friday and Saturday, December 5th & 6th ~

Photo by Joe Zeosky ~
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Friday, December 5th:  Both the Sun and Mercury trine Uranus (12 degrees Sagittarius to Aries) and then move into square with Chiron (13 degrees Sagittarius to Pisces) indicating a time of mental processing that encompasses the theme of both freedom and healing.  You align with supportive energies regarding autonomy and excitement, while concurrently engaging with the need for compassion and healing.  What adjustments in your thinking, communications, and expression will benefit while taking into consideration any inconsiderate or thoughtless actions/words in pursuit of your personal liberty?  Do you require "permission" to feel free to love your life?  What imprints of the past require healing and clearing in order to bring about more integration and personal congruency?  The Moon ingresses Gemini elevating the dialogue and duality as the Sun squares Chiron and Mercury trines Uranus.  

On SATURDAY the FULL MOON occurs at 7:28 a.m. EST at 14 degrees Gemini.  This lunation indicates developments in commerce, travel, education, sibling relationships, local community, discussions, communication equipment, cars, and agreements.   Innovation, technology and pleasure are supported as are healing, teaching and sensitivity.  The larger picture is supported by the need for conscientious communication, writing, and travel.  Mercury squares Chiron adding a dimension of uncertainty and doubt reminding you to let the Full Moon energies settle before making final decisions and firm conclusions. ~