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Sunday, December 14, 2014

TWO DAY for Monday and Tuesday, December 15th & 16th ~

Galactic Center ~ photo by NASA

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Monday, December 15th:  The Uranus Pluto square is exact at 1:48 a.m. EST at 12 degrees Aries to Capricorn.  Another layer of clearing the old vs. integrating new and more authentic perceptions/life situations occurs.  Uranus is extra powerful as he prepares for his direct station on the 21st.  This is not a contact point that occurs in a vacuum or a "day."  But, rather, an ongoing evolution unfolding both in your personal life and the collective.  A therapeutic truism is that sometimes things have to get messier before they get better.  Put another way, chaos can be a highly creative experience.  When you have nothing to lose you may be more willing to take a leap of faith.  The Moon is transiting balance and harmony seeking Libra. 

Mercury conjuncts the Galactic Center at 27 degrees Sagittarius.  The Galactic Center is considered your home base, energy center and is located in the center of our Milky Way Galaxy.  Times of higher psychic awareness occurs on Sidereal Days (the Earth's position relative to the center of the Galaxy, not the Sun) and shifts 4 minutes per day based on where the Center of the Galaxy is located.  This center is a beam of energy that streams in and heightens the frequency of energy in which you are thinking and feeling.  A potent time for spiritual truths, insights, and elevation as your cognitive vibration increases.

The Sun conjuncts Pholus at 23 degrees Sagittarius harmonizing beautifully with the above transits signifying the potential for ancestral purification as you clear more conditioning, fears, and limitations.

On TUESDAY Mercury ingresses Capricorn until January 4th.  In Capricorn communications take on a more practical tone.  Areas of focus are business, goals, logic, structure and realism.  Careful to observe when reality delves into feelings of pessimism and limitation.  A useful period for constructively applying reason to your daily desires and methods.