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Thursday, November 13, 2014

What is your currency?

By currency I mean a feeling, attitude, or mode of being to which you aspire.  

My current currency is peace.  The past few years have brought lessons in flexibility.  Uranus is transiting my 6th house (relocated chart) and is again in hard contact with my Sun.  What might this look like?

The predictable technology issues.  This manifested in my printing functionality.  Color cartridges that needed replacement.  I didn't "realize" that the printer stops working entirely if you haven't replaced the color cartridges.  I use black only for my day in day out needs.  I drive around looking for replacements.  Three stores later no replacements.  I have to work with clients from computer screen rather than printed sheets.  I moved into a state of gratitude when I realized that Amazon would overnight my much needed cartridges without any extra cost.  I am a Prime Member and had no idea.  Thank you!

Taking time off to get my mother to a doctor's appointment - twice.  Both times the doctor had to reschedule. Was I irritated?  Yes. But, I connected with peace and moved into a state of gratitude that we were right next door to a Trader Joe's. 

Pets are also symbolized by the 6th house.  As many of you know I became the guardian of a little golden retriever pup two years ago.  A long time pet lover, I hadn't had the lifestyle to accommodate the care and raising of a dog.  Now that I work from home I do.  A great pleasure but also a huge area of growth.  My well oiled schedule was about to be upended.  Flexibility in holding my concentration while on the phone with a client and extracting a safety pin from a 4 month old puppy's mouth were some of my early "find the peace" training.  Luna has been and continues to be, a great teacher of finding peace in the unexpected and strengthening my flexibility muscles.

Monday night I was informed that the fellow who was installing 4 windows in the house was coming the very next day and it would take him two days to winterize and rebuild the frames!  When you work from home, with time bound clients, that creates a little tension!

That very morning Luna awoke me at 1 a.m. and again at 3 a.m. to let her out.  The final run to the door happened at 5 a.m.  I later discovered a shredded paper towel laced with Windex I had used the day before.  Windex does not agree with a dog's digestive system. 

Awakening sleep deprived I focused on rescheduling clients and pushing appointments to the early evening hours.  One session I conducted in my car.  I moved into a state of gratitude for the graciousness of my clients flexibility to work with me, and then the energy efficient windows that were installed just prior to the cold snap they are forecasting for this weekend.  Thank you.

Life ain't always easy in Earth School and I feel very lucky and blessed in many areas of life.  For the many of you going through so many changes and enforced growth, I hope you can find your personal currency as you look back over some events that now in hindsight have been a strong and palpable part of your growth.  For others, the situations may not yet be in your rear-view window.  Space and hindsight haven't provided the leeway "yet," to find the ultimate wisdom (albeit uncomfortable) of past events.

We are taught at a very early age to believe in lack.  Media and advertising's "currency" is a consumerism market based on fear.  It works doesn't it?  No, not really. 

These events transpired in just the past 10 days so the lessons feel constant and concentrated.  Blessings to all of you going through highly focused lessons, and prayers for you in finding, and connecting with your currency.  

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