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Sunday, November 9, 2014

TWO DAY Forecast for Monday and Tuesday, Nov. 10th & 11th ~

Photo by Scott Anna ~

Monday, November 10th:  A powerful week unfolds as a beckoning occurs in the areas of transformation, soul integration and commitment to one's path.  Mars meets up with Pluto (at 11 degrees Capricorn) today at 6:01 p.m. EST (although we always feel Mars transits early..).  This meeting occurs roughly every two years.  Another opportunity is upon you to strongly acknowledge your personal power, desires and soul truths.  The spectrum runs from obsessiveness, ruthlessness, anger, burning frustration to going within for internal work, acknowledging shadow aspects of self (what you consider to be untenable, unattractive, unlovable), personal desires, sexual urges and merging outward will to internal truths.  Hard work, focus, elimination of the outworn and personal effectiveness is in the offing.

The Moon is transiting through home sign Cancer, the sign of Emotional Intelligence and proactive emotional engagement. Nessus, the energy seeking healthy balance in money and relationships, turns direct at 27 degrees Aquarius and is in sextile to the spiritual soul home point of the Galactic Center (Sagittarius) - offering a special opportunity to synergize the conscious mind with the inspirational higher mind.

On TUESDAY Mercury trines Neptune (from Scorpio to Pisces 4 degrees) exact at 10:39 p.m. EST.  Further heightening this two day energetic with intuitive knowing, empathic understanding and spiritual connection with others.  A creative day for art, photography, music, promotions and enlightened self-expression.  Travel, discussions, negotiation, sibling and neighbor situations may feel particularly in flow and fated.