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Sunday, November 30, 2014

TWO DAY Forecast for Monday and Tuesday, Dec. 1st & 2nd ~

Photo by Aunt Maryellen Ormiston ~

Monday, December 1st:  You are still under the influence of the Mercury Neptune square that was exact Sunday evening at 11:27 p.m.  Rousing oneself back to the office or routine may feel a bit fuzzy and hazy supporting you to go over details and decisions later today as a more grounded Mars Saturn emerges (from Capricorn to Scorpio at 27 degrees).  Focus, good judgement, persistence, tradition and organizational abilities are enhanced.  Honoring authority and tried and true methods comes easily.  Venus sextiles the North Node (from Sagittarius to Libra at 18 degrees) creating an opportunity to value knowledge sharing, travel, foreign connections, supportive interactions, partnership and financial acumen.  The Moon is traveling through active and initiative Aries.

On TUESDAY the Moon continues through Aries and Mars semi-squares Chiron suggesting some sensitivity in expressing your desires or anger directly.