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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Week beginning Friday, October 17th ~

Photo by OM Times Magazine

Oct 17th:  Mercury conjunct Venus 22 degrees Libra
October 19th:  Pallas ingress Scorpio (transit through 12/27)
October 20th:  Mercury conjunct North Node 19 degrees Libra
October 22nd:  Jupiter sextile North Node / Ceres square Nessus
October 23rd:  Partial New Moon Solar Eclipse 0 degrees Scorpio - conjunct Venus and trine Neptune / Venus ingress Scorpio (transit through 11/16)

ARIES:  A growth filled week as stronger chapters are being written in one of the most transformational cycles in your relationship and intimacy experience.  Now, some may say, "Intimacy?  Are you kidding?  It's been a war zone out there."  But, much as been learned has it not?  The Solar Eclipse commences a period of re-writing and re-wiring your perceptions, and course corrections, as substantial support, affection, and resources flow your way.  Wisdom, insight, focus, wellbeing and an increased sense of maturity are the building blocks of this new foundation through the end of December.

TAURUS:  It's been a hard slog for some in the relating areas - less support, less positive mirroring, and an enforced cycle of maturation through negation.  Yet the dawning of development through this "said" cycle of deprivation will begin to work more noticeably in your favor as some lessons have been learned, and some insights integrated.  All that you need, to see more clearly, who do I value and why, is the next cycle at the Solar Eclipse.  Give this time to unfold, define itself, and manifest into the uplifting situations and people that you truly seek.  

GEMINI: The next chapter of your daily life begins to take shape at the Solar Eclipse heralding in more value, ease, comfort, appreciation and personal service development.  Pets and co-workers for a change, become less a burden and more a source of pleasure and gratification.  It is easier for you over the next several weeks to shape a schedule and routine that suits you (not dictated by others) and your working levels (biorhythms).  Folding in more of your original and imaginative visions is necessary.

CANCER:  Purposeful pleasure, enjoyment and original expression flows in after a period of doubt, negation, and limitation.  The Solar Eclipse energy elicits another layer/level of development as the Sun and Venus are super-powered into the sign of power, transformation, and self-mastery (Scorpio).  In the 5th house of self, the focus is even more important and the stakes higher.  Please, focus on what you do want, not on what you don't want.  Lessons have been intense the past two years as you've been asked to take responsibility for your heart, your focus, and your reality.    What serves your highest good?

LEO:  A supercharged New Moon is occurring in the most personal area of your chart - soul and home.  Plenty of challenges have occurred in this area over the past two years and you are finishing up those lessons concerning reality, structure, soul, security, and the family (present and past).  This New Moon promises light, perspective, value and resources.  Another growth aspect occurring this week is the expansion of your mind, your daily connections, commerce, travel and personal knowledge.  Faith coupled with unfolding developments.

VIRGO:  Some people call it timing but I tend to think of it as personal readiness.  Something you've been thinking about and working upon (at some level) is getting ready to manifest and take off.  The super powered New Moon speaks to you of value in all of your personal relationship possibilities, resources and earnings.  This energy combines hard won self-esteem, communication skills, and an internal knowing/intuition.  This carries you through the end of the year as this process opens your mind, communication avenues, financial developments and personal value.

LIBRA:  So much personal growth has occurred over the past year that you will not recognize the old perception of yourself next Fall.  Potent personal developments, opportunities, and an unflappable demonstration of your personal value is set to occur at the Solar Eclipse, and into the weeks and months ahead.  You can no longer deny nor second guess your path.  Your world is opening up as others step forward to support and expand your sense of the possible.  Earnings and the application of nascent talents are on the increase.
SCORPIO:  You are hitting the home stretch of what has been a very important developmental cycle in your life (going back two years).  Your sign has the most power potential of any other sign and hence, requires a higher level of discipline and self-mastery that others may never come close to.  The supercharged New Moon is propelling you upward in a manner that encapsulates your core values, upgraded strength and personal identity.  Wisdom that has been hard won works in concert with the struggle that is now converting into power and personally directed life paths.  Bravo.

SAGITTARIUS:  You are meant to be sharing with others and involving yourself with group/committee/team work that expands upon your individualistic proclivities.  This week shows the value of your involvements and just how much your participation is worth.  Travel, publishing, ceremonies, and spiritual evolvement are also areas highlighted for expansion.  The New Moon Solar Eclipse furthers this cycle of integration between the limiting beliefs of the external world and the boundless creative potentials of your inner world.  Rest, release, daydream and be.

CAPRICORN:  Are career and desires actually intertwined?  A distinct possibility exists to do more of what you love and value at the Solar Eclipse.  As both Venus and the Sun ingress your 11th house of hopes and dreams they are receiving a super-shot of energy commencing a several week/month period of developments that require you to embrace your personal desires.  Your career is taking on a dimension of personal growth that may have (still) feel unbelievable to you compared to 6 months ago.  As your support systems and psychological well being continue to grow, trust that you can indeed reach for and safely experience more.

AQUARIUS:  The Solar Partial Eclipse is highlighting the apex of your life - the most public area that symbolizes one's life direction, career, "calling..," avocation, authority figures (especially female), reputation, and parent.  Developments occur over the next several weeks that carry the message of relationship progress, public relating, money, value, and creativity.  You may receive honor, acknowledgement, and professional advancement. Trust your intuition this week as you engage in intuitive listening, "hearing the meaning behind the words."

PISCES:  A highly intuitive and dare I say "potent manifestation period," arrives courtesy of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in your 9th house of the higher mind, time travel, precognition, publishing, foreign/unusual experiences, and media.  The Eclipse reaches out in supportive fashion to Neptune in your sign furthering the opportunity to bend your outer reality to your will (as long as what is good for you is also good for others).  Accepting support from others and choosing constructive opportunities for change continues to be the North Nodes growth cycle making very supportive connections in your 8th house of transformation.