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Sunday, October 26, 2014

A message regarding my blog content ~

I want to thank the many that have read my weekly column over the years.  After some struggle, rumination, and thought I will be discontinuing the weekly column.

In it's place I will be posting my Two Day forecasts that I have been writing on my social media sites (you see them here once a month to compensate for the week that I film monthly videoscopes which require a two day time commitment).  OM Times now publishes the Two Day's and the response has been favorable.  I will be going deeper with these daily forecasts including asteroid and centaur content and information. 

What is developing is a major writing project that I've been working on organically the past two years and am now mobilizing into the gathering and research phase - I need more time to do this :).

A former CEO I reported to once advised me, "Don't pick up any balls you can't keep up in the air."  I am very mindful of providing consistent and reliable information.  But, filming my highly detailed monthly videos requires  a full two day commitment, working with clients 4 days per week, filming the monthly INspire videos, writing a Two Day AND a weekly column is no longer sustainable - I need to place one of those air born balls back on the ground.

Please stop by often as I will be posting the Two Day forecasts on Sunday evening, Tuesday evening and Thursday evenings.  

I also encourage you to revisit the monthly videos as they are intentionally created as a functional reference guide to use throughout the month.  I will repost them as a reminder.  Conscious comments welcome at jean@jeanwiley.com