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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Week beginning Friday, September 5th

Photo by Scott Anna

Sept:  Pluto Direct and the next level of soul growth

Sept. 5th:  Venus ingress Virgo (transits through the 29th)
Sept. 7th:  Sun opposition Chiron (from Virgo to Pisces) / Eros ingress Capricorn (transits through Nov. 21st)
Sept. 8th:  Full Moon in Pisces at 16 degrees trine Saturn and Juno, conjunct Chiron
Sept. 9th:  Mercury square Pluto (11 degrees Libra to Capricorn)
Sept. 10th:  Venus opposition Neptune (Virgo to Pisces) / Mercury sextile Jupiter (Libra to Leo)
Sept. 11th:  Sun sextile Saturn (Virgo to Scorpio)

ARIES:   The theme of healing, health and working with your own energetics is strong this week as the Full Moon occurs in the area of downtime, rest, prayer, and manifestation.  Balance between your obligations and your very "real" need for floating time is encouraged as the Grand Trine in Water supports you to go within for your power, health needs, and effectiveness.  Venus softens and enhances the daily grind while ushering in more grace and support from those who participate in your daily life.  Passion grows in your ambitions and with those in your community.

TAURUS:  Culminations occur within friendships, goals and your happiness factor. Much support is indicated involving discussion, travel, relationships and goals.  Healing, sharing, coaching, and mentoring may be a part of this Full Moon energy.  You feel good enjoying yourself, tapping into your creativity, and playfulness while Venus transits through your 5th house of pleasure.  Take a wait and see approach to friendships, goals and personal pleasure on the 10th.

GEMINI:  What may feel like a logjam or struggle on the 9th arrives at a state of agreement and solution on the 10th.  Children, teaching, creativity and romance are the areas of resolution.  The Full Moon shows you in the spot light professionally and within your community.  Strong support is indicated in with your services, daily tasks, earnings, talents and self-esteem - which flow in a stable and nurturing manner .  Your capacity to be an agent of healing is deepening.  Home is a place of pleasure and sharing this month - enjoy.

CANCER:  Eros is an asteroid (he was the Goddess of Love's son), that represents passion and eroticism. He enters your 7th house of others this week for an 11 week visit - very nice.  Passion is felt in servicing your clients, professional associations, and mate.  The Full Moon in creative Pisces speaks to higher truths, spiritual awareness, and culminations in your media, promotions, educational, travel and legal activities.  This lunation is beautifully supported in a Grand Water Trine configuration with Saturn in your 5th (structure, commitment, and taking your talents seriously), and Juno in your 1st (the give and take energy of relationship).  Chiron is intimately involved as well, whispering messages of wisdom, healing and compassion.  The giving or receiving of sage advice is highlighted.

LEO:  Venus joins the Sun in your house of resources.  An upsurge in items of value and perhaps even earnings is possible this month.  Be aware of possible confusion on the 10th surrounding money/resources as Neptune clouds circumstances.  The Full Moon further highlights culminations, awareness and developments in connection to other peoples/organizations/company resources carrying with it stability within your home/family and intuitive "knowing."  The 10th - 12th indicates a time of good decision making affecting your resources and personal life.

VIRGO:  Venus joins the Sun in your sign strengthening your impact on your environment, appeal factor, and ability to positively attract to you that which is of value, beauty, and abundance.  This week does carry a focus on the others in your world. An abundantly clear view of another's wounds and/or a healing energy clarifies the importance of this relationship.  The Full Moon falls in your house of "others" - clients, workmates, experts that you consult with, and committed mates.  You will find that any sensitivities you feel are supported by your responsible communications/contracts/travel and enhanced by your group activities, cherished goals, and future developments.  Trust that the truth you see is for the good of all concerned.

LIBRA:  Health, internal centering, spiritual commitment, dreams, being "of service," and your manifesting abilities are in high focus as Venus enters your 12th house (joins the Sun).  The Full Moon brings culminations with pets, health and your daily schedule.  Sacrificing your time to aid another may be needed.  For most of this month your internal world is more important than external one as you clear the dross, release outmoded energetics of the past year, and tend to your personal reality.  Sowing seeds that will begin to pop up and out commences in October.  Until then, focus on what you want to create next!

SCORPIO:  A Grand Water Trine occurs this week bridging support, structure, fairness, creativity, children and their educational needs, publishing, travel, promotions, spiritual wisdom and higher truths.  The Full Moon occurs in your 5th house bridging awareness and culminations in the areas of your heart, children, creative play, and romantic alliances.  This in turn, connects in a sustainable way with Saturn in your sign nurturing the need for give and take in your 9th house of the bigger picture - compliments of Juno.  Venus brings value to your social contacts and personal happiness.

SAGITTARIUS:  The most public arena of life, and the most personal, are areas of focus with the Full Moon in your 10th house of life direction and avocation. Culminations are probable as is an elevated pubic status.  Sensitivity, leading the way through teaching, mentoring or healing is part of this energetic.  A very supportive dynamic is flowing to this Full Moon lending stability to your resources, self-esteem, and earnings, driving the need for fairness among any and all invested parties that have a stake in your success, achievement, and reputation.  Venus is intent upon enhancing your public profile while aiding you in understanding the value you bring to your work and services.

CAPRICORN:  If you're wishing for a little more passion in your personal journey and ability to enticingly express yourself, you will appreciate Eros, the asteroid of love and passion, entering your sign through mid-November.  Culminations occur in the areas of self-expression, writing, teaching, travel, commerce and siblings with the Full Moon in your 3rd house conjuncting the wise sage and healer Chiron.  Add to that a Grand Water Trine involving Juno in your 7th house of partnership (give and take - are things mutually beneficial?) and your ruler, Saturn in your 11th house of sustainable group endeavors, and decidedly "doable" personal goals.

AQUARIUS:  Focus grows in your financial arenas, support received, and talents displayed, as the Full Moon occurs in your 2nd house of creativity, artistry and earnings.  Venus enters your 8th house promising beneficial support from outside resources and the possibility of building your financial nest egg.  Psychological well being should also be on the increase.  Be mindful of slip ups or confusion surrounding money matters from the 9th to the 11th when Venus opposes Neptune blurring the accounting process.

PISCES:  A potent personal Full Moon occurs in your sign bearing signatures of healing, giving or receiving support/mentoring, while lending a grounded approach to marketing, the higher mind, travel, promotions, website development, and the desire for mutually beneficial nurturing, and high mindedness with your children, lover, play, and creative possibilities.  Venus adds even more value to this forecast as she enters your 7th house of others.  Your feel good factor is enhanced through your associations, partners, professional alliances and clients.