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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Week Beginning Friday, September 26th ~

Photo by Scott Anna ~

Sept. 17th:  Mercury ingress Scorpio transits until Oct. 10th
Sept. 29th:  Venus ingress Libra transits until Oct. 23rd

ARIES:  Fresh on the heels of the New Moon in your slice of relationship life, Venus enters to add her powerful influence of elegance, harmonization, desires, and support mechanisms in your key relationships - value grows.  Mercury encourages a slowing down and review of your resources in concert with others resources.  Take your time, and go within to allow feelings and instincts to flow.  Forward moving energetics and decisions will take hold as November unfolds.  All in good time...

TAURUS:  A transition period ensues fueled by a need and necessity to reform your daily schedule, health, and services that you offer out the world.  Please do come from the energy of the highest, most satisfying, and of personal value to you.  The higher the vibration, the stronger the outcomes.  Again, as you know, allow this to be a process devoid of smash and grab decisions, and actions.  By mid-November your foothold is strong, and your planning infinitely practical and doable.

GEMINI:  You are on notice to rethink your passions.  Are you connected with passion?  By passion, I mean loving what you do on a daily basis, finding your own unique, and yes....creative, voice.   Your energy is needed in the world.  The only prerequisite is that it is authentically and honestly yours.  Allowing for a slower interaction with linear time over the next 6 weeks allows this molding process to take shape.  Let the molder do his work.

CANCER:  A time to reconnect with your inner world, individual truths, and personal life as the New Moon is intent upon blowing in some fresh air in the way you define yourself, your sense of security, your family history, and freedom to be comfortable in your own skin.  "Time is on my side," as Mick Jagger vocalizes and so it is for you.  Home is wherever you validate your personal experience and value.  Plans regarding your creative initiatives, offspring, or romantic ties are on hiatus until mid-November.

LEO:  You need to get out there and connect with people.  Value is found in discussions with neighbors, siblings, educational exchange, and in your community.  You will also come to understand how much you are valued and appreciated as a result of your charming availability.  Home projects, family decisions and real estate matters are better left until mid-November - once you can fully trust the facts and confidently your instincts.  Enjoying your daily exchanges is much more important now.

VIRGO:  You are meant to understand, at a very personal level, what your Soul has been focused upon teaching you over the past year.  That you are of infinite value, that what you have to offer the market place IS important, and that the health and care of your self-esteem is of utmost priority during this next chapter of growth.  Tend to it, care for it, surround yourself with esthetic things/places/people of beauty and feed your Soul.  Outward manifestations arrive in mid-November - no pressure k?

LIBRA:  It appears that there are some elements of self that are in need of recapturing.  With the hustle, bustle, and general distractions (many) that have pervaded your life over the past year, it is now time to slow down and gather thee rosebuds.  Something is brewing, no doubt about it.  A clearer you with a stronger voice, and an updated version of yourself that has always been lurking beneath the overlay of "needing to handle things and don your firefighter attire."  Don't let linear time mess with your head.  Value is found in slowing things down and tending to your inner truths.  More money and personal value arrives come mid-November.

SCORPIO:  The artifact of the mind, or, simply put - "if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got."  A relevant concept for you as your Soul cycle (over the past year) has been clearing the path to dissolving that old groove that governs your beliefs and thought patterns.  Now, you are strongly encouraged to clear this up in a way that is conscious, of "high" value and in vibrational integrity.  Take the time to watch yourself in active thought and feeling.  If your feelings and thoughts are in opposition to wishing for a better life, you now get to be the "watcher" of your own process, and to make some uplifting and much needed course corrections.  Invest in squarely on self over the next 6 weeks.

SAGITTARIUS:  Conscious raising is due as to your outer life of participation and friendships.  If you've felt beholden or overly "obliged" this year to respond to other peoples seemingly endless needs and requests, a time of reckoning may be upon you.  What do YOU want?  Are you involved with other like minded souls who can see the value of your contributions?  If so, excellent!  If not, an opportunity is now commencing that slows down the demanding engagements while allowing for a review of your personal drives, desires and most importantly happiness.  What is aligned and what is not?  What should stay and what (or who) should go?  

CAPRICORN:  Your calling in life is, well, calling you.  The growth you've been experiencing over the past year has been in the outer world of connections and in carving out your own niche.  Over the next 6 weeks there are some details to recapture, plans to revisit and communications to review.  You are supported and well thought of.  People are willing to help, to advance your visibility and to respond to your desires.  But, more is taking shape and not quite in the presentation phase...not yet.  Allow the energetics out there, and inside yourself, to align and develop.  Former colleagues, contacts, and professional acquaintances show up in your life - they are part of this review period.

AQUARIUS:  Expansion, education, exploration and the breaking up of routines have been encouraged while the North Node of Soul transits your 9th house.  Now, Venus and later, Mercury (soon to be retrograde) are visiting this area of experience, beckoning you on to travel to far off regions of thought, and literal and/or metaphorical travel.  Value is found in re-examining your beliefs of the world and your place within it.  This will only add to the higher level of perspective and insight in November, and hasten your plans when Mercury re-enters your 10th house of life direction and avocation.

PISCES:  The process of integration, psychic housecleaning and psychological healing has been an ongoing theme.  The bumpy ride you've endured, going back to April and January, is now entering a more personal, conscious, and rewarding phase.  Making sense of the past year, feeling more support, and applying conscious strategy to your wellbeing - financial, emotional, and otherwise, is your cycle over the next 6 weeks.  Your time is well spent in thinking through these very areas, reengaging those forgotten insights and details that slipped through the cracks.  If there are financial dealings/payouts/awards that have been stuck in a process of red tape you may find these very resources now find their way (rightfully so) to you.