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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Week Beginning Friday, September 12th

Photo by Scott Michael Anna

Sept. 12th:  Sappho turns direct at 5 degrees Aquarius (transits through Dec. 1st)
Sept. 13th:  Mercury opposition Uranus (Libra to Aries)
Sept. 14th:  Mars ingress Sagittarius (transits through 10/26) / Venus trine Pluto (Virgo to Capricorn)
Sept. 16th:  Mercury conjunct True Node (19 degrees Libra) 

ARIES:  Finally, a little relief and closure is experienced in your elongated relationship education as Mars moves on to an area of your chart that feels significantly more comfortable and familiar.  Travel, publishing, educational pursuits, media, and experiencing the intake of fresh air as your personal journey is enhanced as Mars enters fellow fire sign Sagittarius.  Pay attention to your efforts, instincts and drive as what is intuitively acted upon over the next 6 weeks will deepen in effort, application, and structure when Saturn enters your 9th house at the end of December (2.5 year transit).

TAURUS:  Transformation of personal will, attachment to desires, and how much support you receive from the world around you is a focus as Mars enters your 8th house of psychology and resources.  Saturn's entrance into this very area occurs at the end of December signaling a 2.5 year period of strengthening your self reliance and self sufficiency.  The 13th through the 15th enhances your creative, financial, travel, marketing, and romantic connections.  

GEMINI:  Mars takes up residence in the sign opposite yours indicating a 6 week period of increased interactions with others.  Clients, mates, experts, competitors, colleagues and key relationships are highly spirited, demanding, enlightening, expansive and purposeful.  On the 16th a deeper understanding or essence, may be experienced when you connect more deeply with pleasure, children, teaching or romance.  This signifies a day of growth and perhaps intellectual understanding that bridges your soul with you mind in a unifying manner.

CANCER:  Your schedule, obligations and workload gets busier over the next 6 weeks.  If you've been pondering a physical health regime this may be the time that kick starts your resolve.  Additionally, please do be conscious in your daily movements as Mars transiting your 6th house is prone to haste and accidents!  Will, effort, and ambition is found while applying your skills in a confident and straightforward manner.  Take the plunge now as Saturn will be following Mars in 3 months intent upon holding you to your health, nutritional, and committed work habits.

LEO:  If you are feeling a bit more daring, social and pleasure seeking blame it on Mars exiting your 4th house of "homework," personal life and soul growth.  Mars and Saturn have been pinching at your exuberance levels and pinning you down in your personal and family life.  Now, Mars action oriented vibe is lighting up your desire for fun, sport, taking a chance or two, and heartfelt action.  Pay attention to what transpires over the next 6 weeks as the energy ruling commitment, business, and personal reality will be following up at the end of this year to restructure your heart flow (think teaching, children, taking your creativity seriously and love).

VIRGO:  The 16th highlights your capacity to grow into/integrate with future plans, talents and earning capabilities as Mercury conjuncts the Soul deepening North Node.  Mars enters your 4th house of personal life, family conditions, living situations and soul awareness for the next 6 weeks.  At the core of your being is a quintessential student and philosopher - you "need" a sense of expansion in your soul journey.  Saturn's entrance into this very area at the end of December will require a level of seclusion, and the clearing out of any lingering family issues, and limiting personal belief systems.  

LIBRA:  Traveling out and about town, writing, educational endeavors, buying/selling, sibling relationships and your mental activity are all on the increase as Mars enters your 3rd house.  You are the perpetual student/teacher needing a sense of growth and expansion to keep your mind engaged.  Saturn will move in after the Mars transit (in December), converting will and desire, into commitment and skill development.  This week continues a time of mental awareness, surprise and growth as Mercury connects with the higher mind (Uranus) and the North Node of intuitive soul urgings.
SCORPIO:  Your co-ruler Mars enters your 2nd house of resources where he will transit until Oct. 26th.  You will be putting your resources to use as the drive to spend, acquire, and earn is highlighted.  Much may be going out the door in the form of extra expense but you also have the drive and determination to expand your resource levels.  On the 13th and 14th a powerful day for developments in money, relationships and communications occur.
SAGITTARIUS:  Mars is the harbinger of new chapters to come.  His job is to rev up your self-confidence, infuse you with a zeal for dynamic action, and to mobilize your personal desires and agendas.  As you well know, Saturn will be entering your sign at the end of this year and commence with a whole new process of reality, structure, and personal boundary building - for some a time when a business can be built on the foundation of your own very special talents.  On the 15th and 16th insights into personal plans and the tribe you call "home" is highlighted as Mercury conjuncts the soulful North Node in your 11th house of personal happiness.
CAPRICORN:  Downtime is what some call this next phase as Mars enters your 12th house of the generational past.  Going within to work with your own vibrational energies is needed.  It may manifest as lowered energy and mental fatigue.  When you are mentally tired you worry more, so acquiesce, and allow for some floating time when possible, to rest, stare out the window, and dial down the outer world engagements.  Insights, personal truths, higher consciousness, travel, teaching, media, and world connections are in flow on the 14th.  Dream work and the subconscious areas of reality take on more importance over the next 2 yrs.
AQUARIUS:  The asteroid Sappho turns direct in the early degrees of your sign where she will transit through December 1st.  Sappho is an extremely sexual energy that also has a strong tie to what one really wants deep within; unique desires.  Your personal desires are also lite up in your house of friendships, personal happiness quotient, and technology projects/social media as Mars transits this area for the next 6 weeks.  He provides plenty of pluck and adhering to the group mind may be challenging when the planet of personal drive is at work.  
PISCES:  As your house of others continues to be emblazoned with energy and focus, your public life, to include: community involvements, work, career, authority figures, mom or dad, and public appearances is being energized as Mars enters your 10th house of avocation and life direction.  Personal will and ambition is now your energetic attire coupled with a cautionary note to be very aware of any potential toe smashing (authority figures/decision makers can be a bit testy and demanding) you may inadvertently employ as you focus on your goals over the next 6 week period.