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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Week beginning Friday, October 3rd ~

The asteroid CERES - how you nurture self and others

Oct. 4th:  Mercury retrograde at 2 degrees Scorpio through 10/25  / Mars square Chiron / Sun square Pluto /Sappho conjunct Psyche (passion/sex/writing and longing/desire to connect/intuition) through 10/7
Oct. 6th:  Vesta ingress Sagittarius through 12/3 - area of personal integration/devotion/sacred focus
Oct. 7th:  Sun opposition Uranus
Oct. 8th:  Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 15 degrees Aries: conjunct Uranus, square Pluto/Eros, opposition Venus, Grand trine to Mars and Jupiter
Juno, the asteroid of give and take, fairness and relating, enters Leo for the remainder of the year 

ARIES:   Listening to your intuition regarding what feels right for you is highlighted at the Eclipse.  Tension with your career passions and intensity, is present as is support and flow in your creative desires, higher mind, and adventure.  Your happiness and personal desires are of utmost importance carrying you through another level of growth as well as necessary release.  Old connections, ambitions, or public roles are changing and culminating.  Reviewing resources and key partnership dynamics commences through mid November.

TAURUS:  Depending on your level of awareness this Eclipse can provide a deeper understanding of the manifestation process, and soul truths, moving you along your path in an enlightened and sometimes, shockingly fast manner.  Culminations may also be occurring with those struggling with illness/confinement, or in private situations that are brought to light.  Managing the details and responsibilities will need to be handled as well.  Slowdowns in planning and communications occur in key partnerships, as well as a need to revisit former agreements, and understandings. 

GEMINI:   The Eclipse is the bearer of progress, transitions, and electrified developments with your groups, personal dreams, friendships, and wishes.  So much energy is unfolding that you are invited to take your time, and be with, your internal truth and feeling nature.  Fairness in education, sibling relationships, travels, and the "way" in which you connect with others, are areas of continuing balance and growth.  Review your resources, finances and shared assets.

CANCER:  A busy, and potentially erratic time with authority figures, parents, career and public life arrives at the Full Moon Eclipse.  Breakthroughs are possible in technology and innovation, but not without a modicum of discomfort.  Others in your world will feel hard to handle while passionately ensconced in their views and opinions.  Focusing on your talents, abilities, and the support system that surrounds your daily life will move you through this period in the best manner possible.   Home, children, and personal security areas are an internal and private focus through mid-November.

LEO:   Communications, travel, adventure, and your work, health, and obligations are in focus at the Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.  Publishing, celebrations, and legal activity reach a climax and culmination.  Meanwhile, a time of review ensues as you recalibrate the educational pursuits, writing activity and sibling relationships through mid-November.  Passion can heat up as Sappho (a very sexual and communicative energy), combines with the intuitive desires of Psyche in your 7th house in professional experts, committed relationships and clients.  Juno enters your sign placing focus on any personal situations where there is too much give, or too much take.  She will be keeping score through the remainder of the year.

VIRGO:   Finances, your resources, outside resources, trust, intimacy, your partner's money, and your personal earnings are strongly highlighted at the Eclipse.  Endings or beginnings unfold, perhaps in surprising ways that are delineating points in this moment and time.  Children, passionate romances, or creative desires are areas of tension and adjustment.  But, Mercury ensures that not all is quite what it appears as he revisits your personal resources for a rethink until November 9th.  Vesta enters your 4th house encouraging you to find refuge and peace within your home and with family.  Tend to your soul.

LIBRA:  Relationships, partnerships, client activity and experts that you engage with are highlighted at the Lunar Eclipse.  Change (of course) is in the air bringing culminations through commitments, endings, or increased interactions with clients/experts.  Your job is to determine what is of highest value to "you" without being overly pulled to and fro.  Your home and family dynamics are also in the mix pushing for more change and release in situations that are no longer sustainable.  Mercury will be tracing back into your sign for a rethink of all things personally important to you.  Take the time to explore your life journey, areas of personal importance, and your next steps.

SCORPIO:  Culminations in health, those with health issues, work, schedules, co-workers, pets, and your services are at hand at the Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse.  Yet, with these quick developments is the advice to bide your time.  You gain more clarity on important insights, developments behind the scenes (that are currently hidden, unclear, or misconstrued) as you head towards November.  Stronger footing and clear energetics begin to develop in a way that you can actually "see" and work with the more patient you are.  Commit to not committing, especially this weekend when Mercury stops dead in his tracks for a 3 week review period.

SAGITTARIUS:   You are in a strong gestation period where you are asked to be clear "inwardly" on your bottom line, what is absolutely non-negotiable, and of sacred ground.  The Eclipse is moving in, or out, an innovative desire, romantic possibility (although I don't recommend that now...), child developmental situation, or creative personal projects.  Can you do what you want and still be supported by your tribe?  And, given an enforced choice, which is more important?  Financial situations, and your sense of self, may depend on these areas now.  You don't know what you don't know and that is your strength this month - committing to not committing.

CAPRICORN:   An upgrading of your personal life and family situation is highlighted at the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.  Some adjustments are required of you for sure, but standing firm on how far you can, or are willing to go in your current situation is up to you.  This is a passionate time for you as you are willing and powerfully able to review your desires, group affiliations, and personal goals.  You have support behind the scenes - be it a financial backer, spiritual protection, and/or laser like awareness.

AQUARIUS:  The Grand Fire Trine that culminates at the Lunar Eclipse speaks to developments in communications, thought, relating, friendships and leadership.  Evolution occurs in the spoken word, travel, locale, thought patterns, and knowledge gathering.  Sappho (sexuality, the written word) conjuncts Psyche (intuition, longing, desire) at 8 degrees of Aquarius.  Write, talk, travel, and express yourself.  A review period commences regarding your systems of belief, educational, publishing, and travel pursuits.

PISCES:  Your earnings, talents and resources are amplified at the Lunar Eclipse highlighting innovation, breaking from tradition/group mind, technological application, and surprise.  Another's resources, feelings, and values needs to be taken into account.  Work, schedules, knowing what you are good at, and how that knowing fuels your life, are supported.  Publishing, websites, promotions, travel, and educational effort are under a period of review and tweaking.