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Thursday, September 4, 2014

SEPTEMBER'S INspire Video and a New Video Service

Pluto Direct on Sept. 22nd ~ the next level of Soul Renewal

The transformative energy of Pluto - enforced growth, change or die, transformation of reality, structures and ambitions.  Soul renewal, transmutation and personal power.  Pluto turns direct in Capricorn at 11 degrees.  I'll discuss this energetic sign by sign.  Pluto's transits over the next 6 months will be listed - "dates to be aware of."  These video's go deeper than the norm on origin and I discuss personal examples.  A reference guide is included with all the INspire video's including dates and energetics to be aware of that you can go back, review and revisit. 

When you subscribe I will send the link (within 24 hours) directly your email.  You are then placed on the subscriber list that is sent out the 1st of every month.  October's INspire Video will discuss the "super" mothering energy of Ceres and the ability to grieve, recover and rejuvenate.  I will provide a tool to access your Ceres placement as well as informational notes and transits to be aware of.

~New Service ~ Your Personal Videoscope 

~I film your personal Video recording discussing your natal chart - areas of growth, areas of ease, Soul Purpose as well as the 12 month transit cycle ahead.   

Month by month information on cycles and timing.

~I will provide the private video link and send to you via email.

~Areas I normally address are:  Life calling, natural creative abilities, timing for businesses, buying/selling, areas of luck, learning, work and soul purpose.

When filling out your Client Form you will provide me with specific areas/interests to focus upon.  Approximately 50 minutes in duration

I've made enormous changes in my personal life over the past two months and am freer to create and develop services that inspire not only me, but, hopefully you as well.  

This is a costlier service - not for everyone, but certainly a special gift to purchase for yourself or another.