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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Week Beginning Friday, August 8th

Photo by Scott Anna

Friday the 8th:  Sun conjunct Mercury at 16 degrees of Leo trine Uranus/square Saturn /Juno ingress Cancer for the remainder of the year
Sunday the 10th:  Super Full Moon at 18 degrees Aquarius (closer to the Earth than is typical) / square Saturn and sextile Uranus
Monday the 11th:  Pallas ingress Libra through October 19th
Tuesday the 12th:  Venus transits Leo through September 15th

ARIES:  The Super Moon illuminates your future, goals, friends, group dynamics and technology projects.  Innovation and personal satisfaction is on tap yet limitations, fear or an increased need to handle the resources available to you (corporate, psychological, your partner's finances) can be an area of challenge.  Hold off on major declarations this weekend as emotions may be running high.  Venus enters your 5th house where she will transit through 9/15 enticing you to relax, play, and partake of life's simple pleasures. 

TAURUS:  Home and public life, career, and bosses are highlighted at the Super Full Moon this weekend.  Some sensitivity is evident as is flow and innovation.  Dynamics with partners - working or personal, may require some delicate handling and temperate responses.  A culmination arrives in your career, life direction and reputation.  As Venus ingresses your 4th house on the 12th you are supported in taking some time out to focus on the foundational aspects of your life.  Home, rest, soul, and family - there is where you feel the most satisfaction through 9/15.

GEMINI:  Communications, travel, publishing/media projects, your higher mind, and educational areas are highlighted at the Super Full Moon.  Chapter endings, developments or important announcements may culminate this weekend.  Health issues, schedules, pets or obligation can be challenging as this is an emotional weekend for many.  Support and innovation is found in your tribe, friendships and future possibilities.  As Juno exits your sign and enters the area of life representing your earnings, things that you own, and your talents, you will be seeking equal part give and take, getting paid your due, and managing your assets.

CANCER:  A powerful Super Full Moon culminates this weekend across the axis of life that illuminates finances, resources, debts, loans, trust, and psychology.  Some complications, limitations, or fear may arise around resources and your areas of pleasure, children or romance, but bodes well for your life direction, career and reputation.  Take good care of self now and commit to taking your time in processing emotional content.  More is on the way in the form of earnings, items of value, and feeling validated for your talents as Venus takes up residence in your 2nd house where a year of expansion and opportunity awaits.  You feel good about yourself managing your things and personal resources.

LEO:  A veritable party and gathering of energy occurs in your sign opening up portals of possibility and personal growth.  Yet, the powerful Full Moon rings in tidings of a partnership/association that may give you a moment for pause regarding relating dynamics, your sense of personal security, and responsibilities on behalf of home, hearth and family.  This weekend supports your philosophical understanding and trust that all is as it should be.  When Venus arrive in your sign later this week you will be feeling benevolent, valued and worthy.

VIRGO:  Busy, busy, busy as the Super Full Moon culminates this weekend highlighting your psychological and physical health.  Perhaps you receive news about a diagnosis, a co-worker or work environment situation, a pet, or a service you have developed.  Either way you are encouraged to engage in some down time to reflect and process emotions as a challenge or heavy communication/obligation is indicated by this lunation.  Yet the resources and support from another or company is supported.  Pallas exits your sign and enters the area of earning potential, professional wit and application, and working smarter not harder through 10/19.  

LIBRA:  Chapter endings, validation and culminations occur with your creative, romantic, teaching or childrens endeavors.  A fear, limitation or cash flow issue may be present and you are required to make adjustments.  Yet, partnerships and important associations are involved positively supporting this weekends developments.  Pallas, the wise warrior of the zodiac enters your sign through Oct. 19th strengthening your moxy and personal image.  A time commences to connect, participate and experience a personal dream or two as Venus joins the party in your 11th house of happiness through 9/15.

SCORPIO:  The Super Full Moon energy occurs in the most private part of your world, your 4th house, and indicates a time of culminations and focus within your family, home life, soul development, security and residence.  Your sense of self seems to be the area of discomfort or challenge as adjustments may be needed.  Yet, your daily schedule, services, health, pets and physical well being are positively influenced.  Allow for some personal space to digest the weekends dynamics.  You are viewed in a very positive light as Venus joins the party (Sun, Jupiter and Mercury) in your 10th house of life direction, vocation, public reputation and relationship with superiors (through 9/15).

SAGITTARIUS:  Your communication, travel and educational sectors are highlighted this weekend at the Super Full Moon.  Details vs. vision are the areas to consider and balance as is any self-doubt, fears or secrets from the past.  But, pleasure and excitement is to be found and enjoyed this weekend.  Pleasure trips, marketing, media and higher education are well supported as Venus enters the area of life that has to do with adventure, higher wisdom and getting your name and services out to a broader audience.

CAPRICORN:  Finances and personal resources are magnified this weekend at the Super Full Moon.  Some may be ending a way of earning a living or skill set application.  Others, may be involved with other people's or entities resources such as a bank loan, financial support or shared resources.  A modicum of limitation, fearful thinking, or obstruction needs to be handled in regard to the future or an association.  Yet, Venus's entry into your 8th house this week (through 9/15) ensures that magnanimous help and support is available.  This also has a bearing on intimacy and relationships.  But, with Juno's entrance into your 7th house this week fairness and the flow of give and take becomes a focus the rest of the year.

AQUARIUS:  A personally significant weekend arrives in the way of the Super Full Moon falling in your sign.  This can be a sensitive time regarding your sense of self and personal effectiveness as a limitation, change in life direction, or fear based thinking may engulf your sense of self.  But, things are not as dour as you may assume as innovation can be found through discussion and short trips.  What feels heavy now lightens up considerably as Venus enters the house of "others" and you find grace and goodwill when in the company of others.  Relationships also blossom through 9/15.

PISCES:  Some struggle may be evident this weekend as the Sun and Moon make an uncomfortable aspect to Saturn.  The Super Full Moon brings culminations and illumination to your health, tasks, work environment and psychological well being.  Secrets may be divulged, your attention required due to a situation in need of your personal time and attention, research, and the past are all the focus at this lunation.  Aha moments may abound as you scratch your head and say, "Geez how did I miss that?"  A good weekend to take it easy emotionally.  Venus moves in after the Full Moon to help you find value in your work, services and daily habits through 9/15.  Let things work themselves out.