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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wednesday and Thursday, August 27th and 28th

Photo by Jean, Pandoras Box sandsculpture

Wednesday, August 27th ~ The Moon continues her transit through discriminating Virgo and is in VOID of Course until 5:54 p.m. - handle what is on your plate, tend to routine tasks, clean, organize, scheme and ponder but the time for action and initiation is Thursday.

The relating principals, yin and yang, feminine and masculine are in a tense square today as Venus squares Mars (from Leo to Scorpio).  Possibilities?  The feeling that you can't ask for you want/need and still be loved and accepted.  Competitiveness in love and money, the proverbial Don Juan approach to romantic conquest, heightened excitement and creativity, impulsive purchases, and lack of discrimination in one's affectionate attention.  Sexual urges can be strong.

On THURSDAY the Moon is transiting through the cardinal, masculine and intellectual sign of Libra.  Strategy (many Generals have Libra prominent in their charts), creativity, and deepening relationship dynamics are emotional drives through Saturday morning.  The Sun Neptune opposition is in effect now and exact tomorrow.