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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Monday and Tuesday, August 25th & 26th

Photo by Jackie Obernesser ~

Monday, August 25th:  The Virgo New Moon occurs at 10:13 a.m. EDT while opposing Neptune.  Fresh energies are available to you regarding your health, eating correctly, organizing and obtaining practical resources, applying your skills effectively and caring for those in need.  Mercury (in Virgo and it's ruler) is making a very opportunistic sextile to the Mars Saturn conjunction in Scorpio.  I can't think of a better energy for planning, pragmatic communications (while backing it up with concerted effort), focus and handling detailed work and responsibilities.  It feels good to be productive and of service.

Venus is reaching out to Uranus in a flowing, innovative and creative manner.  Love, money, group endeavors, and relating coupled with technology, freedom needs and authenticity is strongly supported.

On TUESDAY a challenge and adjustment is needed as Venus squares Saturn.  A cool emotional climate may be prevalent in your world as others too are dealing with a disappointment, obstacle or heavy responsibility.  A day to take it easy on yourself and others and to ask "what change/adjustment is needed now in this moment?"  Blessings ~