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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Wednesday and Thursday, July 30th & 31st ~

Photo by Scott Anna

Wednesday, July 30th: The Moon continues her transit through service oriented and "mind the details" Virgo. Vesta, an asteroid that is the brightest object in the asteroid belt is preparing to ingress into Scorpio and exit Libra (where she has been transiting all year). A planet that is finishing up a sign transit at the 29 degree point frequently brings a pushing and culmination feel to it. In Libra Vesta has been providing a pure spark of spirit coupled with an inward and contemplative nature. She often imbues a feminine nature that is whole and complete by herself. For Librians and those with Libra prominent Vesta has been fueling the North Node transit of your sign supporting your vibrational development as a whole and sovereign being.

Thursday, July 31st: The energy of communications, habitual thought, travel, siblings and commerce, Mercury, moves out of Cancer and ingresses Leo at 6:46 p.m. EDT. Where you thoughts have focused on home, family, parents and comfort now you engage with the Leo Jupiter energy of expansion, taking chances and thinking "bigger." Conversations take on a more energetic, upbeat and dramatic tone. Vesta enters Scorpio today where she will transit until October 6th engulfing an urge to experience sexuality in a sacred manner and emphasizes your own sexual energy that you have with yourself. Your personal inner transformation and attitude towards sex is Vesta's gift.