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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Monday, July 28th ~ Venus opposition Pluto Alert..

 The Manifestation Process and Neuroplasticity

 Monday, July 28th:  Can I use the term "density" to touch upon the Venus Pluto opposition that is exact at 2:36 a.m. EDT?  This energetic requires "much" awareness to handle and navigate as this ignites intense feelings, power plays, abusive behavior and sexually driven motives.  Some element of distress and tension will be experienced by many and it is a time that is ripe for projections as you feel that people or circumstance are stirring up your world.  The focus is on relationships and money.  The Moon continues her transit through Leo until 11:38 p.m. when she ingresses Virgo.  In Virgo your emotions assume a work oriented, discerning, critical, analyzing and health conscious tone.  Not an easy day so up your levels of self-care and awareness.

On TUESDAY Mars is in a difficult angle to Chiron signaling a time when you feel sensitive and are more easily offended.  Expressing your anger in a healthy manner may be difficult.  The Moon in Virgo suggests a good time to handle routine tasks and tending to the details.