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Monday, July 14, 2014

Jupiter's Transit of Leo

Jupiter transits LEO 
July 16th 2014 - August 11th 2015
I discuss areas of expansion, "play," knowledge gathering and the best timing over the next several months for taking a chance/risk.  Self expression becomes important for for your spiritual growth as does love, romance, children and management ability. Transits and dates to be aware of for maximum opportunity. Sign by Sign ~

August's INspire Video
The Manifestation Process
I'll discuss the Neuroscience of the mind - the neocortex (the learning brain), the lymbic (the emotional brain) and the cerebellum (automatic skills/reactions brain).  How to be a co-creater in your world through skill building techniques

September's INspire Video
Pluto the Transformer and agent of Soul Growth (Pluto turns direct in September) -Sign by Sign

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