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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Friday, July 18th

Photo by Aimiee Darling
I have been moving my mother from one state to another this week and unfortunately have had to deviate from my typical consistency.  I did not have the time to write a column this week as I only have 1 day per week for writing - the rest is dedicated to client sessions. Next week I am filming the August Videoscopes.  In the next two weeks I will be compensating by posting my Two Day Astro weather.  Thank you and enjoy ~

Friday, July 18th: So much is gaining traction now that Mercury is free of his retrograde shadow (yesterday), Jupiter is now gracing the sign of the heart and divine self expression (Leo), and Saturn is stationing direct on the 20th. Saturn's station brings developments in shared resources, finances, intimacy, sex, as well as your ambitions, family situations, and reality structures. What has been percolating for the past several months continues to manifest in a powerfully flowing manner. August is the New Year of 2014.

The Moon is transiting through assertive and action oriented Aries. Venus ingresses Cancer where the energies symbolizing your values and relating style takes on a protective, nurturing and family oriented tone. You want what is familiar and comforting now through August 12th. Venus makes a supportive trine to Nessus supporting healthy and conscious course corrections in your personal values and in your relating dynamics.

On SATURDAY the Moon is now transiting the earth sign Taurus a weekend of enjoying your routines and sensual comforts. Yet, the Sun is also squaring Mars suggesting a good day for activity and physical exertion. Unchecked this very energy can manifest as irritation and impatience. A challenge may be evident in how you apply your will and the manner in which you go about getting what you want. SUNDAY Saturn turns direct at 16 degrees Scorpio after a 4 1/2 month retrograde period. ~ The next life chapter is taking shape. ~