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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Friday and Saturday, August 1st and 2nd ~

Kitty Hawk Monument by Pia Bell Ford ~

Friday, August 1st:  A dynamic few days as you are already feeling the Mars square Jupiter suggesting a time for action, daring, taking a chance and being aware of "ego" or aggrandizement.  A very stabilizing influence is also at work perhaps grounding your actions or reactions with maturity, stability, and compassion as a Grand Water Trine occurs between the relationship/financial planet of Venus, the stabilizing and committed Saturn, and the wise and compassionate healer Chiron.  In addition, a Venus Uranus square is suggesting a time for change, independence and out of the ordinary attractions and experiences (technical equipment can act up too).  Sounds like a dependence/independence sandwich.

On SATURDAY the Moon in Libra is VOID all day as Mercury makes his conjunction to Jupiter.  Whatever was acted upon through instinct and action is now processed and acknowledged today.  Trips, knowledge seeking, optimistic thinking, siblings, children and friendships are the areas of pleasure, expansion, confidence and joy.  Mercury than moves into square with Mars later in the day energizing your mind and communications.  Be aware of your tendencies towards anger or impatience.  The Moon enters emotionally intense Scorpio just prior to Midnight EDT.