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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Friday and Saturday, August 1st and 2nd ~

Kitty Hawk Monument by Pia Bell Ford ~

Friday, August 1st:  A dynamic few days as you are already feeling the Mars square Jupiter suggesting a time for action, daring, taking a chance and being aware of "ego" or aggrandizement.  A very stabilizing influence is also at work perhaps grounding your actions or reactions with maturity, stability, and compassion as a Grand Water Trine occurs between the relationship/financial planet of Venus, the stabilizing and committed Saturn, and the wise and compassionate healer Chiron.  In addition, a Venus Uranus square is suggesting a time for change, independence and out of the ordinary attractions and experiences (technical equipment can act up too).  Sounds like a dependence/independence sandwich.

On SATURDAY the Moon in Libra is VOID all day as Mercury makes his conjunction to Jupiter.  Whatever was acted upon through instinct and action is now processed and acknowledged today.  Trips, knowledge seeking, optimistic thinking, siblings, children and friendships are the areas of pleasure, expansion, confidence and joy.  Mercury than moves into square with Mars later in the day energizing your mind and communications.  Be aware of your tendencies towards anger or impatience.  The Moon enters emotionally intense Scorpio just prior to Midnight EDT.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Wednesday and Thursday, July 30th & 31st ~

Photo by Scott Anna

Wednesday, July 30th: The Moon continues her transit through service oriented and "mind the details" Virgo. Vesta, an asteroid that is the brightest object in the asteroid belt is preparing to ingress into Scorpio and exit Libra (where she has been transiting all year). A planet that is finishing up a sign transit at the 29 degree point frequently brings a pushing and culmination feel to it. In Libra Vesta has been providing a pure spark of spirit coupled with an inward and contemplative nature. She often imbues a feminine nature that is whole and complete by herself. For Librians and those with Libra prominent Vesta has been fueling the North Node transit of your sign supporting your vibrational development as a whole and sovereign being.

Thursday, July 31st: The energy of communications, habitual thought, travel, siblings and commerce, Mercury, moves out of Cancer and ingresses Leo at 6:46 p.m. EDT. Where you thoughts have focused on home, family, parents and comfort now you engage with the Leo Jupiter energy of expansion, taking chances and thinking "bigger." Conversations take on a more energetic, upbeat and dramatic tone. Vesta enters Scorpio today where she will transit until October 6th engulfing an urge to experience sexuality in a sacred manner and emphasizes your own sexual energy that you have with yourself. Your personal inner transformation and attitude towards sex is Vesta's gift.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Monday, July 28th ~ Venus opposition Pluto Alert..

 The Manifestation Process and Neuroplasticity

 Monday, July 28th:  Can I use the term "density" to touch upon the Venus Pluto opposition that is exact at 2:36 a.m. EDT?  This energetic requires "much" awareness to handle and navigate as this ignites intense feelings, power plays, abusive behavior and sexually driven motives.  Some element of distress and tension will be experienced by many and it is a time that is ripe for projections as you feel that people or circumstance are stirring up your world.  The focus is on relationships and money.  The Moon continues her transit through Leo until 11:38 p.m. when she ingresses Virgo.  In Virgo your emotions assume a work oriented, discerning, critical, analyzing and health conscious tone.  Not an easy day so up your levels of self-care and awareness.

On TUESDAY Mars is in a difficult angle to Chiron signaling a time when you feel sensitive and are more easily offended.  Expressing your anger in a healthy manner may be difficult.  The Moon in Virgo suggests a good time to handle routine tasks and tending to the details.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Friday, July 25th and the New Moon

Drawing by Tisch Perry ~

Friday, July 25th:  The Moon in intuitive Cancer goes VOID at 9:55 a.m. EDT for the remainder of the day.  You prepare for the fresh energies that the New Moon will usher in on Saturday.  Healing, helpful information is available as Mercury makes a supportive trine to Chiron indicating a day for compassion, wisdom and support.  DRUM ROLL - Mars exits Libra where the energy of assertion, ambition, anger and action has been transiting for the past 7.5 months and enters Scorpio (until Sept. 14th) at 10:25 p.m. EDT.  In Scorpio you conserve energy deciding where and when to act.  An inner reserve of strength and purpose permeates your ambitions and actions.  Investigate, probe and seek to understand your own motivations as well as those of others.  Transformation occurs in the application of will and your sexual energy is charged. 

On SATURDAY the Moon remains in VOID status (nothing of emotional consequence) until just prior to 11 a.m. EDT when she ingresses the Jupiter blessed sign of Leo.  The New Moon occurs at 6:43 p.m. in Leo at 3 degrees conjuncting Jupiter and squaring Mars.  Expansion, faith, self-confidence, egocentricity and the need to adjust one's energetic is evident.  This lunation heralds in a two week period of heart felt action, expression, and demonstrativeness.  Mars is also in trine to Nessus the energy of "wrong" application of will supporting you to be wise in your relating,
actions and mindfulness.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Wednesday, July 23rd ~

Photo by Stacey Hinkle

Wednesday, July 23rd: The Moon in communicative Gemini goes VOID just a little before 9 p.m. with an energizing trine to Mars. Your emotions are powerful, effective and applied in an effective manner. The Moon then enters her home sign of Cancer at 11 p.m. EDT softening your emotional sense while seeking comforting and familiar influences.

On THURSDAY a very special energetic occurs encouraging leaps of faith, benevolence, positivity and opportunities for personal expansion as the Sun makes his annual conjunction to Jupiter. A creative and compassionate tone infiltrates your relationships and artistry as Venus trines Neptune. Your mind may struggle to keep up with events, discussions and information as Mercury squares Uranus (technology glitches often occur) but later shifts into a more pragmatic and grounded approach as Mercury trines Saturn. Embrace the day and be aware of avenues of personal growth via education, travel, publishing, children, legalities, foreigners and knowledge gathering.

AUGUST 2014 Videoscopes ~

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Monday, July 21st ~

Photo by Linda Karin Hicks

Monday, July 21st:  The provocateur, awakener, erratic and emancipating Uranus turns stationary retrograde today at 16 degrees of Aries until December.  Developments have occurred/are occurring in the areas of change, freedom, surprising developments and eccentric occurrences in the house that Uranus transits.  Shortly, things calm down and you "integrate" the energies that Uranus has shape shifted.  The Moon transits grounded Taurus goes VOID at 10:14 a.m. until 12:37 p.m. EDT when she ingresses the air sign Gemini.  Emotions take on a more detached, inquisitive, communicative and superficial tone.

On TUESDAY the Sun transits into Leo, joining expansive Jupiter, and shifting the focus from familiarity and protection to demonstrativeness and theatrics.  A sensitive day as your mind meets up with situations and/or people that are intense, powerful, manipulative and transformative - Mercury opposition Pluto.  A useful energy for problem solving, getting to the bottom of things, puzzles, and motives, but not a gentle nor considerate energetic. Financial discussions, business communications, and the"vetting" out of problems and snares are well served.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Friday, July 18th

Photo by Aimiee Darling
I have been moving my mother from one state to another this week and unfortunately have had to deviate from my typical consistency.  I did not have the time to write a column this week as I only have 1 day per week for writing - the rest is dedicated to client sessions. Next week I am filming the August Videoscopes.  In the next two weeks I will be compensating by posting my Two Day Astro weather.  Thank you and enjoy ~

Friday, July 18th: So much is gaining traction now that Mercury is free of his retrograde shadow (yesterday), Jupiter is now gracing the sign of the heart and divine self expression (Leo), and Saturn is stationing direct on the 20th. Saturn's station brings developments in shared resources, finances, intimacy, sex, as well as your ambitions, family situations, and reality structures. What has been percolating for the past several months continues to manifest in a powerfully flowing manner. August is the New Year of 2014.

The Moon is transiting through assertive and action oriented Aries. Venus ingresses Cancer where the energies symbolizing your values and relating style takes on a protective, nurturing and family oriented tone. You want what is familiar and comforting now through August 12th. Venus makes a supportive trine to Nessus supporting healthy and conscious course corrections in your personal values and in your relating dynamics.

On SATURDAY the Moon is now transiting the earth sign Taurus a weekend of enjoying your routines and sensual comforts. Yet, the Sun is also squaring Mars suggesting a good day for activity and physical exertion. Unchecked this very energy can manifest as irritation and impatience. A challenge may be evident in how you apply your will and the manner in which you go about getting what you want. SUNDAY Saturn turns direct at 16 degrees Scorpio after a 4 1/2 month retrograde period. ~ The next life chapter is taking shape. ~


Monday, July 14, 2014

Jupiter's Transit of Leo

Jupiter transits LEO 
July 16th 2014 - August 11th 2015
I discuss areas of expansion, "play," knowledge gathering and the best timing over the next several months for taking a chance/risk.  Self expression becomes important for for your spiritual growth as does love, romance, children and management ability. Transits and dates to be aware of for maximum opportunity. Sign by Sign ~

August's INspire Video
The Manifestation Process
I'll discuss the Neuroscience of the mind - the neocortex (the learning brain), the lymbic (the emotional brain) and the cerebellum (automatic skills/reactions brain).  How to be a co-creater in your world through skill building techniques

September's INspire Video
Pluto the Transformer and agent of Soul Growth (Pluto turns direct in September) -Sign by Sign

Your INspire Video is delivered directly to your inbox at the 1st of each month with accompanying written messages and informational content.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Week Beginning Friday, July 11th

Jupiter transits Leo

July 12th:  FULL MOON at 20 degrees Capricorn square Mars/N.Node in Libra
July 13th:  Venus trine Mars North Node  (23 degrees Gemini to Libra) / Mercury ingress Cancer transits until July 31st
July 16th:  Jupiter enters Leo transits until August 2015 / Mercury past Retrograde Shadow at 3 degrees Cancer

ARIES:  Culminations and developments occur professionally, in public life and with your reputation.  Honors or acknowledgements.  Completions vocationally, with a parent/authority figure or work project.  A 12 month period ensues bringing expansion and growth in creativity, with children, creativity and self-expression.  Pleasure is important now for your spiritual growth.  Discussions in the home and with family members resumes on a clearer and trustworthy path.

TAURUS:  Culminations and developments occur in areas of higher knowledge, educational pursuits, media, marketing, publishing, foreign connections and legal activities.  A 12 month period ensues bringing expansion and growth in the home, parent relations, family, living situations and Soul growth.  A time for an increased sense of security and well being.  All form of communications are functioning at full capacity with Mercury back on track.

GEMINI:  Culminations and developments occur in finances, your partner's resources, insurance, debt, savings, psychic development and personal transformation.  A 12 month period ensues bringing expansion and growth in personal communication, writing, education, travel, sibling relationships, in your community and intuition. Now that Mercury has finally returned to his retrograde point you can trust your agreements, discussions and personal planning.

CANCER:  Culminations and developments occur in relationships, the public, client activity, professional consultations and committed partnerships.  Soul growth is found in the home, personal life and with family conditions.  A 12 month period commences bringing expansion and growth in personal resources, buying/selling, self-esteem, earnings and the honing of personal talents and abilities.  Mercury reenters your sign empowering your personal self-expression and planning.

LEO:  Culminations and developments occur in your workplace, with co-workers, employees, your services, health, pet care and schedule.  Soul growth is experienced with your personal will, siblings, neighborhood, and communications.  A 12 month period commences bringing expansion, growth, optimism and increased self-confidence in personal matters.  Reach out for more from the world around you.

VIRGO:  Culminations and developments occur with children, the younger generation, pleasure, creativity, romance, play and self-expression.  Trust the life direction, career discussions and travel plans as Mercury is now operating free and clear.  A 12 month period commences expanding your private time, research, volunteerism or sacrifice on behalf of others, spiritual awareness, and manifestation ability.  Energetic expansion as well as spiritual protection is available.  Write down your dreams.

LIBRA:  Culminations and developments occur in your home life, with parents, life direction, housing situations and family.  Spirit combines with will and conscious assertion as Mars conjuncts the North Node in your sign - future growth.  A 12 month period commences expanding your social circle, networking, contacts, like minded support and group knowledge.  A dream or two comes true now and you have more faith in the future and with influential friendships.

SCORPIO:  Culminations and developments occur in your communication, buy/selling projects, writing, educational pursuits, sibling relationships and local community.  Travel, foreign connections, adventure and the higher mind is highlighted as Mercury regains his traveling speed through your 9th house.  A 12 month period commences expanding you career options, reputation, relationships with superiors and parents, public status, avocational skills and ambitions.

SAGITTARIUS:  Your ruler is on the move commencing a 12 month period of expansion in travel, higher knowledge, adventure, teaching, media relations, selling ability, public relations, foreign places and people as well as spiritual growth.  Culminations and developments occur in your resources, earnings, money exchange, self-esteem and talents.  Growth is indicated in your future dreams, friendships and social contacts.

CAPRICORN:  Culminations and developments occur highlighting your personal image, relationships, health, and self-expression.  There are issues (some temperamental) to work through at this Full Moon in relation to life direction and avocation.  Communications and discussions with important others resume a familiar energy as Mercury is now operating at full capacity.  A 12 month period commences intent upon expanding your support systems, psychological health, nest egg, partner's resources, corporate money, debt and investments.

AQUARIUS:  A 12 month period commences intent upon expanding support from others, strengthening committed relationships, increasing your client base, enhancing the knowledge you gain from partnerships and experts that you hire.  The Full Moon brings culminations and developments behind the scenes, spiritually, with psychological and physical health, and recuperation.  Communications and planning your daily work obligations, with co-workers, and project planning gains strength and clairity.

PISCES:   Culminations and developments occur in friendships, team projects, technology, networking and personal goals.  Mercury is now moving confidently through the area of pleasure, children, creativity, teaching and leisure pursuits.  A 12 month period commences seeking to expand your daily schedule, hiring employees, co-worker relations, services you offer, feeling more confident about what you are good at and your pet experiences.  A happy work environment is possible now.