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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Week Beginning Friday, June 6th

Photo by Stacey Hinkle

 June 6th:  Sun sextile Uranus (Gemini to Aries at 15 degrees)
June 7th:  Mercury retrograde until July 1st (clears shadow on July 16th) at 3 degrees Cancer
June 8th:  Sun square Chiron (Gemini to Pisces) / Venus trine Pluto (Taurus to Capricorn) 
June 9th:  Neptune retrograde at 7 degrees Pisces (until Nov. 16th) / Sun trine Ceres (Gemini to Libra)
June 12th:  Neptune opposition Pallas (Pisces to Virgo)

ARIES:  As Mercury slows in your sector of home, soul and personal life allow yourself the same energetic realization that there is no need to push, strive nor cement plans regarding family and domicile.  Mercury's retrograde is your opportunity to disconnect, contemplate and be.  Mercury often slows your travel and commercial planning to give you time to think; make the decision to embrace the extra space.  Neptune is also preparing for his annual retrograde suggesting a development/deeper connection in your spiritual awareness and understanding.  The desire for beauty, music, and creative expression expands.

TAURUS:   A potent week for creativity and personal joy as your value rises in conjunction with your belief in self.  Development in a personal desire, group dynamic or friendship heightens your understanding and awareness of spiritual vibration, beauty and energetic flow.  Mercury urges you to go within and spend time with your internal dialogue, opinions and thoughts.  When you slow down and focus more attention on your heart's desires (rather than mental chatter) it's easier to connect with joy.  Joy in the moment raises your vibration and that, dear Bull is a truism for living more peacefully and authentically regardless of other's choices.

GEMINI:  Much movement occurs this week with career, life direction, dreams, teams and friendships.  Opportunity for growth and excitement is very possible within your social circle even while some adjustments arise between your personal will and a sensitive situation in your career or public activities.  A rethink and reevaluation is beginning inviting you to go within to tend to any doubts regarding your talents, abilities, and any self-doubt tugging at you regarding your value.  A time to go within and connect with your inner feelings is not only valuable but strongly encouraged.  See the next 6 weeks as time well spent while allowing your next steps and personal sense of self to develop organically and devoid of pressure.

CANCER:  Be aware that a dissolving effect may be experienced in your thought patterns, communications and travel activities.  Knowing this ahead of time allows you to capitalize on what can be an extremely creative period that requires you to back off from hard and fast planning (leave your business plan, contracts and purchases until mid-July).  Inspiration, warmheartedness, daydreaming, spiritual practice, documenting your nighttime dreams, painting, and musical composition are your realms now.  Dream it first, then apply the steps necessary to actualize them later.

LEO:  Changes within your psychology continue this week (and all month) as old sensitivities are rubbed.  This may manifest as the sense that you do not have the support or needed resources as you focus on goals and the future.  But, the feeling is that you do.  There is a reshaping at play that has not quite come into focus yet.  Trust that any sense of lack is an energetic from the past but not grounded in the present.  Focusing on what you have or don't have regarding life necessities is okay but realize that as your perceptions shift so too will your available resources.  

VIRGO:  Confusion, insights, and inspiration may be invoked within your partnerships (both personal/professional) encouraging you to wait, watch and listen as Neptune the energy of unconditional love, compassion, intuition, idealization and creativity shifts into neutral and then reverse in your 7th house of others.  Commit to staying in the moment and observing without the need for assumptions, dictates or reactions, serves you well now.  There is also a molding phase regarding your career, public activity and the big life picture that will take definite shape in mid-July - no pressure.  Travel, reading, personal education, teaching and spiritual focus are areas of value and good feelings.

LIBRA:  You understand at some level there is a shift in your course direction regarding your services, what you are good at, and how to position/promote these very things.  You are aware of the direction but not yet sure of the roadways and specific logistics.  Be confident in the "not knowing" as you go within to feel your way forward.  Assuredly, a gestation process is underway that will reveal your "outward" next steps as you head into mid-July.  Developments occur this week in these very areas of skills, services and daily schedule - see this process as growing pains coupled with divine inspiration.  A transformative time when you can feel secure that support and resources are there for you.

SCORPIO:  Your heart connections are a focus this week as developments occur in the lives of your children and the younger generation.  Love relations are also infused with heightened energy.  Some adjustment is being asked of you encouraging you to deal with sensitive communications that arise between resources, intimacy, or children's affairs.  A fast or quick resolution may not be available but you will discover in July that this actually works to your benefit as well as the benefit of others.  Emancipating any fragmented (wounded) relational experiences from your past clears up energies that may have held you hostage in the past.  Through acknowledgement can come release and then energetic re-direction. 

SAGITTARIUS:  Relationship and cooperative partnership is a focus now.  Your energy tends to lower when the Sun is so far aware from your sign but lively situations are promised as well as increased sensitivity.  Go slow with agreements, interpersonal discussions and experts that you hire.  Revisiting a former contact/client/professional is encouraged.  Developments occur in your personal life, home, family and soul awareness - integrate these energetics through November.  

CAPRICORN:  A very useful review period commences as you are supported to review your skills, schedule, and day to day affairs.  Developments occur this week that are both invigorating and sensitizing.  Communications, travel or education seem to be the areas of increased awareness and signal a need to heal your style of communications, held "opinions", or educational direction.  Your goals/dreams are still in the percolating stage and more manifests mid-July.  In the meantime, pondering next steps are deemed an important exercise - wisdom in patience.  Pleasure continues with your children, in romance and in personal enjoyment.

AQUARIUS:  Your creativity, feeling "safe" to be you, younger folks, sport, fun, play and romantic inclinations are a focus now.  A rethink is underway regarding your personal modes of self-expression - be it painting, teaching, acting, and any other creative endeavors.  Give yourself time to explore what passion means to you.  Joy is staying in the moment while happiness has it's ups and downs - a useful distinction.  Developments and awareness regarding your resources - talents, abilities, value system and earning ability vie for your acknowledgment.  Honor yourself.

PISCES:  Leave the hard and fast planning/decisions/assumptions about self for another day as this is a week to fall into a space of personal reverie, inspirational bubbles and spiritual practice.  The less you need to engage "out there" the better.  Next steps or cohesive thinking regarding romance or a creative project is under a molding stage as you turn down the external volume and allow for the grace of floating time - staring out the window, daydreaming about possibilities, creating for the feeling it brings rather than marketing value, and meditations on opening your heart (chakra) even wider.