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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Monday, June 22nd and the approaching Mars Uranus Opposition

Photo by Stacey Hinkle

Monday, June 23rd:  The energy representing our values, money and relating dynamics, Venus, exits security minded Taurus and enters the air sign of Gemini where she transits through July 19.  You gain value and pleasure engaging with others through discussion, agreements, communication and lightheartedness.  Sibling relationships, educational and writing pursuits are in focus.  Love takes on a verbal, flirty and playful tone. 

The Moon is transiting through the sensual sign of Taurus and the morning hours ETD may feel heavy, limited and sensitive as she connects with Mars (early), the Sun, Saturn and then Chiron.  The evening feels much easier and buoyant as the Moon sextiles optimistic Jupiter a little before 10 p.m. EDT.

On TUESDAY Venus makes awkward angles to both Mars and Uranus suggesting uneven energy in your relating dynamics. The Mars Uranus opposition is in full effect (exact on Wednesday).  Freedom needs, restlessness and rebellion from anything that feels too limiting and controlling is strongly felt this week.  Exit strategies may be forming as the need for breaking free from stagnant situations becomes magnified.  Unexpected changes in your daily routines may knock you off balance but this has been an ongoing energetic for many months now.  Breakthroughs are very possible. When possible, take your time to respond to your world and move in a conscious manner. Be aware that others may not be handling this hair trigger energy on a conscious level and be diligent in your self care. ~ Easy does it...