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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Week Beginning Friday, May 9th ~

Photo by Scott Anna ~

May 10th:  Sun opposition Saturn (Taurus to Scorpio) at 20 degrees
May 11th:  Venus opposition Mars (Aries to Libra) at 9 degrees / Mercury square Neptune
May 12th:  Mercury trine Mars
May 14th:  Jupiter trine Chiron (Cancer to Pisces) / Full Moon in Scorpio at 23 degrees conjunct Saturn/ Venus square Pluto (Aries to Capricorn) 13 degrees
May 15th:  Venus conjunct Uranus (Aries) 14 degrees while sextiling Mercury in Gemini

A huge focus on our values, resources and relating patterns occurs this week.  As Venus enters the Cardinal T-Square our relating archetypes, self-esteem, personal values, finances and partnerships enter a period of increased awareness, growth through conflict/adjustment and integration.  

ARIES:  Venus is the magnetic force in operation to help you attract and develop consciousness in your relationships.  She synthesizes and incorporates the developments of last month turning up the volume while assimilating your next level of growth.  The Full Moon further highlights your resources - emotional, sexual, financial, investments, partnership support and any other resources that come to you outside of your personal earnings - inheritances, taxes, alimony, loans, debt, corporate budgets.  Culminations occur and a next chapter fully begun in October.

TAURUS:  A very personal process is underway as you are shifting and evolving.  Spiritual development now seeks practical application in your daily life and in your habits of self care - mind body connection.  Healing support is found in your contacts and communications with like minded others and in your dream fulfillment.  Increased understanding arrives in the zone of relationships as partnership developments bring clarity and movement.  Fearful thinking bubbles up to be recognized as old conditioning even while you are awake and "in spirit."

GEMINI:  Venus is your esoteric ruler (spiritual and ego integration) and her activity this week suggests another level of understanding is underway regarding your personal dreams, goals and social connections.  She makes contact with the part of you that gets hung up with old patterns and conditioning - those tapes that tell you it's futile or useless to connect with your dreams and self-actualization.  A time for dealing with fear and taking a step forward anyway!  The Full Moon highlights this very essence - your thoughts and intentions combine with your services and daily habits.  

CANCER:  The awakening process incorporates the understanding that everything "out there" is inherently a mirror.  Another level of realization develops in regard to your relationship to your image, life direction and avocation. The Full Moon enhances the awareness of your heart connection to your dreams and life fulfillment.  You are in a superb position to wrap your conscious understanding of your soul needs with your life journey.  Wisdom is the byproduct as the faith you hold on behalf of your human journey connects with higher levels of compassion and understanding. 

LEO:  The Sun, Moon and Saturn combine this week to elevate a level of enlightenment regarding your reality structure (born out of thoughts and emotions).  This high beam of awareness is about creating structures/realities that provide a foundation of emotional security regardless of what circumstances/others are doing "out there."  Adjustments may involve long held belief systems, your daily effectiveness and health, and the ability to alleviate any hyper diligence or need to control (only I can do this correctly!) the work environment and fellow employees.  Enlightenment encompasses the wisdom that we can only control our thoughts, responses and emotional vibration.  Keep it high and in light.

 VIRGO:  The higher mind and the lower mind are illuminated this week.  More recognition comes into visibility as you recognize limited patterns of thought/conditioning.  While your evolving consciousness beckons you to higher levels of spiritual awareness and the belief in miracles.  It's hard to manifest and raise your vibration when you your left mind is continually analyzing next steps and the "process."  Value is found in the release of outworn attachments to modes of thought while the opportunity to emancipate your mind and psychology opens wider.  Teaching, healing, and increased understanding can be experienced in your world of personal dreams and supportive others.

LIBRA:  You are learning so much about yourself even if you are identifying the process as difficult or challenging.  This gestation period is a gift that is shifting your very axis of self-definition and personal value.  More clearing and awareness develops in your ability to respond to others in a calm state of peace.  You can choose to be pulled into the old conditioning (that's ok) even as you witness yourself in action.  But, now you ARE bearing witness to your energetic interaction with the world around you.  The Full Moon highlights family (again), old fear or limitations, the development of new reality structures and commitment to your emerging value systems.  Faith and wisdom flow in and through your life/career direction and services to the world.

SCORPIO:  Reconciliation between a former sense of self and the emerging self identity is very much in the frame this week.  Another level of reality, personal commitment and work is evident at the Full Moon (but, please do take some personal time).  The balance needed between your spiritual growth and awareness seeks practical application and habit formation in your physicality and work habits or what is called the connections between mind and body.  As above so below.  As you think so shall it manifest.  Support, healing and evolving wisdom is available as you tend to your heart, love, children and creativity.

SAGITTARIUS:  Your dreams are in the molding stage and as you continue to let the molder do his work another dimension of the past falls away.  It's as if you are being reborn and entering a totally new phase in your spiritual journey that demands to express it's highest and most creative self.  Anything that falls away this week is a blessing and a lightening of your load.  Your path to integration requires passion, play, an open heart and a commitment to a life of feeling good.

CAPRICORN:  The gestation period continues regarding your role in this world.  This week an awakening occurs deep down, at the foundation and soul levels as your personal values catch up with your mind and personal power.  The Full Moon is integrating another level of your dreams and how your heart and passions are absolutely necessary to fuel your next chapter of experience.  As your relationship to self expands so does your relationship with others changing your whole thinking and speaking dynamic.

AQUARIUS:  Your mind is changing and reshaping your daily thought patterns.  What you value and how you communicate is undergoing a metamorphosis as you dissolve a bit more fear and emotional armor in order to create more breathing room.  You may perceive a professional roadblock in a judging manner, but energetically you understand the need for patience and the wisdom in going within your home and personal space for sustenance and renewal.  Flow occurs within your resources which are abundant, and your daily schedule.  

PISCES:  The Full Moon creates more opportunity to bring integration to your higher mind and the lower mind of analysis.  Saturn has been the bearer of integrating your knowledge and spiritual truths with your communication style and thought patterns - holistic thinking.  As Jupiter (spiritual purpose) connects with Chiron (wisdom) another layer of understanding and broadening flow commences.  In the process, your self-belief and personal value grows.