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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Week Beginning Friday, May 30th

Brantingham Lake, NY ~ photo by Joe Zeosky

 on our passion and desire nature with Mars

May 31st:  Sun trine Mars (Gemini to Libra at 9 degrees)
June 1st:  Mars advances beyond 9 degrees of Libra (where he has been sitting since May 8th)
June 2nd:  Ceres direct in Libra at 18 degrees (transit to August 6th)
June 4th:  Venus sextile Neptune (Taurus to Pisces at 7 degrees)

ARIES:  Expect to feel more movement in your partnership and relationship dynamics - client activity too.  Although Mars has been direct since May 19th he has been slow to energize your dealings, desires and the massive changes occurring in your relationship to others.  Communications, agreements and deeper understanding through your own initiative arrives this weekend.  But, remember to go slow with family, housing plans and home improvements as Mercury, the planet of the mind, slows down in the area of your chart ruling personal life and personal planning through mid-July.

TAURUS:  As Mars gathers power in the area of life dealing with health, energy, and getting things done, you too are feeling a level of your mojo returning.  Added to that is Ceres, the asteroid that encourages nurturing care of the body and healing, is also gathering forward momentum in your 6th house (where she will transit through Aug. 6th).  This is also a time of bolstering your confidence and clarity in regard to your skillsets and services, for some this has been a prolonged period of questioning your effectiveness.  

GEMINI:  Mercury has now vacated the area of life symbolizing your personal thoughts and communications and is now affecting resource planning and income.  But, as Mercury slows conclusions you draw now are up for a period of review and refinement as there are still eurekas and internal insights that are in brewing mode through mid-July.  More confidence is felt in your creative ideas and romantic affairs.  Children/younger generation developments gather momentum as do your leisure activities.

CANCER:  Your annual rest period is upon you.  If you feel inclined to slow down your schedule, create space for simply "being," and fully release any activities/goals/ideologies that didn't quite ring your bell over the past year, your instincts are in a cyclically supportive cycle.  Pleasures continue within your social circles and realizing a personal dream or two.  Let your thoughts and plans float as they are still in the shaping stage while you allow for a mindful cocooning stage that will begin to hatch and take flight mid-July.  Massive changes occur in your personal life, with family and in your home.

LEO:  This week you will start to feel a synchronicity making connections between your mind, communications and the manner in which you feel understood.  A tentative energy has pervaded your confidence levels for some time now but you are starting to trust your instincts, mindfulness and conversational skills.  For some Leos, this week starts the ball rolling on a travel, writing, sibling, or educational excursion.  Let goals and social connections percolate without the need for any hard and fast conclusions.

VIRGO:  Perhaps some of those looming expenditures have been put on hold for the past several weeks but the energy or need returns to expend your resources over the next 7 weeks.  Your confidence and bravado increases in regard to the value you bring to the table in work and through the application of your talents.  But, there is another level of your vocational and life direction story that is beginning to brew.  Allow time and space before thinking you know the next step, way forward, public opinion, or an authority figures plans.  You feel good traveling, teaching and inspiring others.  Marketing and media activities go well too.

LIBRA:  Massive personal change has been devloping in your sense of personal identity, effectiveness and desires.  A modicum of outward expression and hence, development occurs.  Like a toddler testing out his footing, you too are dipping your toes in the water to assess the effect and temperature of your next steps.  Add to this the Venus transit of your 8th house of personal transformation and I do believe we have a theme brewing.  Support comes more easily from others making the process of reevaluation currently occurring in your life direction, career, marketing, teaching, publishing and travel arenas that much easier.  Ceres instructs you to take good care of your physical body - massage, physical activity, hydration and mother nature are soothing balm to the burgeoning you.  If you've experienced loss and grief a period of healing acceptance begins.

SCORPIO:  Relationships are sweet and you feel good participating in cooperative and practical ventures with others.  Massive changes continue to emerge from the depth of your being as this Mars transit has been kicking up dust from your past, generational family inheritance (DNA), spiritual activities and fear factors.  But, this elongated cycle has urged you on to remember from whence you come - vibrational energy called Spirit.  This heroic journey is strengthening and clarifying your purpose in life.  Time spent in nature is soothing and reminds you of the inherent harmony that surrounds us all.  

SAGITTARIUS:  How does one maintain their sense of individuality while operating within the needed consensus of the group?  The answer is becoming much more accessible.  Allowing for sincere and authentic personal desires is your birthright no matter what your training or conditioning.  Too much self-sacrifice for the seeming benefit of the whole is no longer sustainable.  This has been and continues to be a time of psychological healing while being in receivership of others support.  Another layer of personal understanding occurs regarding communication skills and cooperative abilities while participating in partnership with others.  

CAPRICORN:  Massive change and course directions have occurred in your career, life direction and family life.  Yet now, you are feeling more and more empowered to exert your own particular style of influence into the steering of your ship.  You feel good engaging in leisure past times, activities with your children and the younger generation, creative endeavors and romance.  It's time for a good time.  Let the day to day schedule brew and gestate as the changes you seek to make with your health, services or the schedule are undergoing a period of revision.  This revision will become clearer into the mid-July time frame.  So in the interim, have fun, create, make love and play.

AQUARIUS:  Belief systems appear to be a seemingly nebulous concept yet, this is the very area that has been under a period of "construction" and is delivering another level of insight and evolvement.  Allowing for the "I'm not sure" about my personal truth creates an opening to experiment.  Your desire to know and experience more in your life is gathering speed.  These personal desires may spur you on to travel, take classes, read, or teach.  You need to feel inspired, faithful and connected to the world around you.  You also feel good at home, working on housing projects, being with family and shoring up that which makes you feel secure.

PISCES:  Massive psychological changes have been occurring within your personal attachments, mental well being (or apparent lack thereof), finances, support network and sexuality.  You are coming up from under the watery depths and preparing to breath in more air and assimilation.  Added to this is a mental sense of well being while feeling loved due to the healing communications that arise at fairly consistent intervals.  You feel good out in your community, conversing with others and sharing information and knowledge.