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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Week Beginning Friday, May 16th ~

Photo by Scott Anna ~

Venus ~ our values and love
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June's is Mars and the style in which we obtain what we desire

May 17th:  Pallas into Virgo until August 11th
May 18th:  Venus square Jupiter from Aries to Cancer
May 19th:  Mars station direct at 9 degrees Libra - leaves shadow on July 22nd
May 20th:  Sun ingress Gemini

ARIES:  Developments occur on the days surrounding the 19th as Mars stations direct.  You've been urged to go within your own vibrational field to create internally the relationship dynamics that you strongly desire to experience.  More and more manifestations occur and as you continue to focus intention - culminations arrive by July's end.  Travel, discussions, siblings and communications are in the frame.

TAURUS:  The planet of energy, physicality, and desire moves direct (albeit slowly) this week.  A time of applying the recuperation, recharging, reviewing and reworking your health regime, services offered in work, and your daily commitments pick up.  The perceptual slowdown was experienced as a way for you to magnify any needed changes and to identify personal desires.  You can expect a development or two this week.  Your earnings, talents and self-esteem are highlighted.

GEMINI:  Progress may have felt slow or stilted since March regarding creative ambitions, children's development or romantic development.  Awareness and advancement arrives as Mars stops, takes a look around and begins to slowly resume forward motion.  A gestation phase is being converted into a manifestation phase.  Wisdom is found in patience as you connect with culminations and the next step at the end of July.  As the Sun enters your sign - your enthusiasm and physical energy improves.

CANCER:  The foundations of your life, home, soul growth, living situation and personal security have been up for review and vibrational awareness.  Who are you and what do you want are the questions.  Now, as Mars the planet of desire and assertion, begins to look outward into his world you too are awakening from a period of introspection.  Changes become easier to implement in your personal life, as are home repairs, projects and family relationships.  As the Sun enters Gemini you finish your yearly cycle and release any residual attachments that are no longer life affirming nor relevant.  Rest.

LEO:  Those of us who study energy know that thought combined with emotion creates our reality (high 5th dimensional vibration).  You are nicely positioned to put this information into practice.  As Mars "rights" himself in the area ruling the mind and thought, and the Sun enters the area ruling personal desires and your future, you are empowered to choose from the menu called life.  Choose the highest and best menu items possible.  Friend involvement and social life pick up.

VIRGO:  The asteroid Pallas, the Goddess of Wisdom, who utilizes strategy, intellectual debate, and conscious assertiveness enters your sign through August.  She is helping to organize your talents, abilities and earning potentials (Mars direct in 2nd house), and Jupiter (the bringer of faith and growth in your 11th house of personal desires and actualization).  A dream or two is due this week and it's manifestation potential continues through the end of July.  Dream well.

LIBRA:  Your search for identity strengthens as the energy of desire and gumption moves direct this week.  Something is hatching within you and allowing for this continued process of evolution births more harvest and manifestation in July.  An important and personal development occurs this week however, and as the Sun enters fellow air sign Gemini, is somehow connected to prospective others, spiritual understanding, teaching, education, promotions, travel and adventure. 

SCORPIO:  Fragmented orphans are what I call the unintegrated parts of self.  You can identify them by the feelings they invoke such as fear, rejection or shame.  With your co-ruler Mars slowly moving into direct motion this excavation process gathers momentum.  The Sun also enters your 8th house of death in order to rebirth.  This is an honorable process carrying the intention of integrating those fragments in order to birth a more integrated and higher vibrational you.  When Saturn moves direct in your sign and Mars passes his shadow in July, you will be in a totally different space mentally and emotionally come August.  

SAGITTARIUS:  Mars moves into direct motion this week signaling an important development with a friend, team endeavor, technology project and/or personal goal.  Give the planet of desire and assertion time to get his mojo back as he moves slowly forward.  You are coming out of a dream weaving phase which allowed for time and reflection as to your next goal and personal rainbow.  You are also learning the meaning of harmony within friendship, and mutually beneficial partnerships.  The Sun enters your 7th house further highlighting how important others are to your well-being and quality of life.

CAPRICORN:  The reason for the season has been to provide Capricorns with some breathing room regarding the next cycle of manifestation in their life work and direction.  Relationships are always important to your reputation and public life but changes and for some, challenges have been part of the path.  Now a "reboot" is occurring as Mars moves into direct motion bringing a level of development in your vocational life.  This summer presents a deeper level of reality and substance, and you gain more clarity into the way forward.  Patience equals wisdom.

AQUARIUS:  Much has been occurring behind the scenes in the area of your belief systems and spiritual understanding.  Questioning the vibrational universe we live in is an endeavor worthy of time and contemplation.  Yet, asserting that we know all there is to know as far as truth, can be an ego driven landscape that seeks to be right rather than resonating as truth.  That's the danger when the planet of ego spends an elongated time in the area of higher mind and spirituality.  Yet, some development and awareness is on tap as you right some intellectual wrongs and recalibrate your focus.  Any travel, legal, promotional, publishing, or educational activities that have been put on hold resume forward motion.  A career peak is due in August so no current pressure.  Fun, love and leisure are important for you now.

PISCES:  A unique configuration called a Grand Water Trine is taking form this month and enhancing your belief in self, faith in the universe and safety in self-expression.  Along side this phenomenon is the Mars turning into direct motion event in the area ruling personal transformation and regeneration.  A potent time for your personal integration, raising your vibrational energy - to become the true author of your life while feeling less dependent upon others input, acceptance or views.  The Sun enters the area of your chart that emphases the importance of you, your comfort, your home and your soul.  Increasing faith.