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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Week Beginning Friday, May 30th

Brantingham Lake, NY ~ photo by Joe Zeosky

 on our passion and desire nature with Mars

May 31st:  Sun trine Mars (Gemini to Libra at 9 degrees)
June 1st:  Mars advances beyond 9 degrees of Libra (where he has been sitting since May 8th)
June 2nd:  Ceres direct in Libra at 18 degrees (transit to August 6th)
June 4th:  Venus sextile Neptune (Taurus to Pisces at 7 degrees)

ARIES:  Expect to feel more movement in your partnership and relationship dynamics - client activity too.  Although Mars has been direct since May 19th he has been slow to energize your dealings, desires and the massive changes occurring in your relationship to others.  Communications, agreements and deeper understanding through your own initiative arrives this weekend.  But, remember to go slow with family, housing plans and home improvements as Mercury, the planet of the mind, slows down in the area of your chart ruling personal life and personal planning through mid-July.

TAURUS:  As Mars gathers power in the area of life dealing with health, energy, and getting things done, you too are feeling a level of your mojo returning.  Added to that is Ceres, the asteroid that encourages nurturing care of the body and healing, is also gathering forward momentum in your 6th house (where she will transit through Aug. 6th).  This is also a time of bolstering your confidence and clarity in regard to your skillsets and services, for some this has been a prolonged period of questioning your effectiveness.  

GEMINI:  Mercury has now vacated the area of life symbolizing your personal thoughts and communications and is now affecting resource planning and income.  But, as Mercury slows conclusions you draw now are up for a period of review and refinement as there are still eurekas and internal insights that are in brewing mode through mid-July.  More confidence is felt in your creative ideas and romantic affairs.  Children/younger generation developments gather momentum as do your leisure activities.

CANCER:  Your annual rest period is upon you.  If you feel inclined to slow down your schedule, create space for simply "being," and fully release any activities/goals/ideologies that didn't quite ring your bell over the past year, your instincts are in a cyclically supportive cycle.  Pleasures continue within your social circles and realizing a personal dream or two.  Let your thoughts and plans float as they are still in the shaping stage while you allow for a mindful cocooning stage that will begin to hatch and take flight mid-July.  Massive changes occur in your personal life, with family and in your home.

LEO:  This week you will start to feel a synchronicity making connections between your mind, communications and the manner in which you feel understood.  A tentative energy has pervaded your confidence levels for some time now but you are starting to trust your instincts, mindfulness and conversational skills.  For some Leos, this week starts the ball rolling on a travel, writing, sibling, or educational excursion.  Let goals and social connections percolate without the need for any hard and fast conclusions.

VIRGO:  Perhaps some of those looming expenditures have been put on hold for the past several weeks but the energy or need returns to expend your resources over the next 7 weeks.  Your confidence and bravado increases in regard to the value you bring to the table in work and through the application of your talents.  But, there is another level of your vocational and life direction story that is beginning to brew.  Allow time and space before thinking you know the next step, way forward, public opinion, or an authority figures plans.  You feel good traveling, teaching and inspiring others.  Marketing and media activities go well too.

LIBRA:  Massive personal change has been devloping in your sense of personal identity, effectiveness and desires.  A modicum of outward expression and hence, development occurs.  Like a toddler testing out his footing, you too are dipping your toes in the water to assess the effect and temperature of your next steps.  Add to this the Venus transit of your 8th house of personal transformation and I do believe we have a theme brewing.  Support comes more easily from others making the process of reevaluation currently occurring in your life direction, career, marketing, teaching, publishing and travel arenas that much easier.  Ceres instructs you to take good care of your physical body - massage, physical activity, hydration and mother nature are soothing balm to the burgeoning you.  If you've experienced loss and grief a period of healing acceptance begins.

SCORPIO:  Relationships are sweet and you feel good participating in cooperative and practical ventures with others.  Massive changes continue to emerge from the depth of your being as this Mars transit has been kicking up dust from your past, generational family inheritance (DNA), spiritual activities and fear factors.  But, this elongated cycle has urged you on to remember from whence you come - vibrational energy called Spirit.  This heroic journey is strengthening and clarifying your purpose in life.  Time spent in nature is soothing and reminds you of the inherent harmony that surrounds us all.  

SAGITTARIUS:  How does one maintain their sense of individuality while operating within the needed consensus of the group?  The answer is becoming much more accessible.  Allowing for sincere and authentic personal desires is your birthright no matter what your training or conditioning.  Too much self-sacrifice for the seeming benefit of the whole is no longer sustainable.  This has been and continues to be a time of psychological healing while being in receivership of others support.  Another layer of personal understanding occurs regarding communication skills and cooperative abilities while participating in partnership with others.  

CAPRICORN:  Massive change and course directions have occurred in your career, life direction and family life.  Yet now, you are feeling more and more empowered to exert your own particular style of influence into the steering of your ship.  You feel good engaging in leisure past times, activities with your children and the younger generation, creative endeavors and romance.  It's time for a good time.  Let the day to day schedule brew and gestate as the changes you seek to make with your health, services or the schedule are undergoing a period of revision.  This revision will become clearer into the mid-July time frame.  So in the interim, have fun, create, make love and play.

AQUARIUS:  Belief systems appear to be a seemingly nebulous concept yet, this is the very area that has been under a period of "construction" and is delivering another level of insight and evolvement.  Allowing for the "I'm not sure" about my personal truth creates an opening to experiment.  Your desire to know and experience more in your life is gathering speed.  These personal desires may spur you on to travel, take classes, read, or teach.  You need to feel inspired, faithful and connected to the world around you.  You also feel good at home, working on housing projects, being with family and shoring up that which makes you feel secure.

PISCES:  Massive psychological changes have been occurring within your personal attachments, mental well being (or apparent lack thereof), finances, support network and sexuality.  You are coming up from under the watery depths and preparing to breath in more air and assimilation.  Added to this is a mental sense of well being while feeling loved due to the healing communications that arise at fairly consistent intervals.  You feel good out in your community, conversing with others and sharing information and knowledge.  

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Friday, May 23rd ~

Photo by Stacey Hinkle ~

Friday, May 23rd: The Moon in watery Pisces is VOID until just after Noon EST - developments occur in the afternoon hours as the Moon transits into assertive, "of spirit" and individuation Aries from Noon onward. The Moon is in congruency with the Sun late afternoon bringing an element of harmony.

On SATURDAY things heat up as the Moon in pioneering Aries makes contact with the Cardinal Grand Cross - Mars, Pluto, Uranus and then Jupiter. A volatile and perhaps chaotic feeling day. Yet, this is again deepening the theme of the need for emotional change and adjustment. Chaos can be extremely creative as we surrender to the awareness that yes, things indeed feel disjointed and unsettled. Concurrently, the supportive and practical Jupiter Saturn trine is exact at 1:46 p.m. EDT.

As always we can choose our area of focus and we are invited to connect with those simple energetics that elicit feelings of well-being and happiness while acknowledging any emotional/family chaos swirling about us.

Mercury is now firmly in his retrograde shadow period preparing for his station on June 7th. We move again into a gestation period regarding our family, housing and parental situations until July 16th. So, whatever the perception to act and make decisions in haste is an emotional reaction rather than reality.

Sunday is much quieter with a Moon Void (nothing of consequence)most of the day and then her ingress into quieter and calmer Taurus. ~

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wednesday, May 21st ~

Gulf of Mexico ~ photo by Jean
*Aquarius Videoscope for June is STILL in the "edit in progress" stage.  Youtube has been taking an unprecedented long time editing videos this week ~  
Wednesday, May 21st: The Moon slips out of detached Aquarius and into the emotional and sensitive sign of Pisces at 8:19 a.m. The Last Quarter Moon occurs at 8:59 AM EDT as the Sun in Gemini squares the Moon in Pisces - a time when we need to sort out what does work for us and what doesn't. Not a time for new initiatives as this will come with the New Moon in Gemini next week. This is also contacting an energy that represents abuse, betrayal, revenge and the emotional awareness that accompanies the conjunction today. Nessus is at 1 degree of Pisces and represents generational inheritances of the lower energetic levels. Be aware and present. The Moon contacts Neptune a little after 9 p.m. EDT indicating a need for deeper spiritual connection, sound healing, creativity and for some, escapism. We all have our methods of escape.

On THURSDAY the Moon in Pisces is making flowing connections throughout the day and contacts the burgeoning Jupiter Saturn (good decisions, opportunities and practical growth) energy that will be exact on Saturday. Pay attention to development and solutions that you are instinctively/emotionally experiencing today as they will come into form this weekend. This is also the last day of a fully functioning Mercury as he enters his retrograde shadow period tomorrow - in preparation for his station on June 7th. Solutions and forward movement begins to slow in contracts, agreements, purchases and decision making skills.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Monday, May 19th ~ Mars Stations Direct

NASA Photo

Monday, May 19th:  The energy ruling our desires, energy, physicality, assertions (aggressions) and sexuality turns direct today at 9 degrees of Libra (exact at 9:06 p.m. EDT).  Mars has been in retrograde since March 1st taking us through our paces in the demand for equality, fairness and autonomy within relationship.  He is moving slowly all month but expect the dawn of ego awakening to start asserting himself.  If you've been putting up with something for far too long you make take clean and swift action, if you've been unsure about a relationship - clarity is on it's way, if you've been feeling decidedly lackluster and asexual some vim and vigor should be returning.  Mars moves beyond it's retrograde shadow on July 22nd - unencumbered developments arrive mid July through mid-September.

Just before 6 a.m. EDT the Moon transits into Aquarius heightening our detachment, friendship activity, technological exchange and humanitarian ideals.  Venus is in awkward alignment to Saturn highlighting a sensitivity in expressing our emotions - a coolness dominates the day. 

On TUESDAY the Moon in Aquarius goes VOID at 6:22 p.m. EDT for the remainder of the evening and just prior to 11:00 p.m. the Sun makes his annual ingress into Gemini.  We move from the grounded, practical and sensual energies of Taurus into the duplicitous, conversational and restless air sign of the Twins.  We desire interaction, information and movement.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Week Beginning Friday, May 16th ~

Photo by Scott Anna ~

Venus ~ our values and love
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June's is Mars and the style in which we obtain what we desire

May 17th:  Pallas into Virgo until August 11th
May 18th:  Venus square Jupiter from Aries to Cancer
May 19th:  Mars station direct at 9 degrees Libra - leaves shadow on July 22nd
May 20th:  Sun ingress Gemini

ARIES:  Developments occur on the days surrounding the 19th as Mars stations direct.  You've been urged to go within your own vibrational field to create internally the relationship dynamics that you strongly desire to experience.  More and more manifestations occur and as you continue to focus intention - culminations arrive by July's end.  Travel, discussions, siblings and communications are in the frame.

TAURUS:  The planet of energy, physicality, and desire moves direct (albeit slowly) this week.  A time of applying the recuperation, recharging, reviewing and reworking your health regime, services offered in work, and your daily commitments pick up.  The perceptual slowdown was experienced as a way for you to magnify any needed changes and to identify personal desires.  You can expect a development or two this week.  Your earnings, talents and self-esteem are highlighted.

GEMINI:  Progress may have felt slow or stilted since March regarding creative ambitions, children's development or romantic development.  Awareness and advancement arrives as Mars stops, takes a look around and begins to slowly resume forward motion.  A gestation phase is being converted into a manifestation phase.  Wisdom is found in patience as you connect with culminations and the next step at the end of July.  As the Sun enters your sign - your enthusiasm and physical energy improves.

CANCER:  The foundations of your life, home, soul growth, living situation and personal security have been up for review and vibrational awareness.  Who are you and what do you want are the questions.  Now, as Mars the planet of desire and assertion, begins to look outward into his world you too are awakening from a period of introspection.  Changes become easier to implement in your personal life, as are home repairs, projects and family relationships.  As the Sun enters Gemini you finish your yearly cycle and release any residual attachments that are no longer life affirming nor relevant.  Rest.

LEO:  Those of us who study energy know that thought combined with emotion creates our reality (high 5th dimensional vibration).  You are nicely positioned to put this information into practice.  As Mars "rights" himself in the area ruling the mind and thought, and the Sun enters the area ruling personal desires and your future, you are empowered to choose from the menu called life.  Choose the highest and best menu items possible.  Friend involvement and social life pick up.

VIRGO:  The asteroid Pallas, the Goddess of Wisdom, who utilizes strategy, intellectual debate, and conscious assertiveness enters your sign through August.  She is helping to organize your talents, abilities and earning potentials (Mars direct in 2nd house), and Jupiter (the bringer of faith and growth in your 11th house of personal desires and actualization).  A dream or two is due this week and it's manifestation potential continues through the end of July.  Dream well.

LIBRA:  Your search for identity strengthens as the energy of desire and gumption moves direct this week.  Something is hatching within you and allowing for this continued process of evolution births more harvest and manifestation in July.  An important and personal development occurs this week however, and as the Sun enters fellow air sign Gemini, is somehow connected to prospective others, spiritual understanding, teaching, education, promotions, travel and adventure. 

SCORPIO:  Fragmented orphans are what I call the unintegrated parts of self.  You can identify them by the feelings they invoke such as fear, rejection or shame.  With your co-ruler Mars slowly moving into direct motion this excavation process gathers momentum.  The Sun also enters your 8th house of death in order to rebirth.  This is an honorable process carrying the intention of integrating those fragments in order to birth a more integrated and higher vibrational you.  When Saturn moves direct in your sign and Mars passes his shadow in July, you will be in a totally different space mentally and emotionally come August.  

SAGITTARIUS:  Mars moves into direct motion this week signaling an important development with a friend, team endeavor, technology project and/or personal goal.  Give the planet of desire and assertion time to get his mojo back as he moves slowly forward.  You are coming out of a dream weaving phase which allowed for time and reflection as to your next goal and personal rainbow.  You are also learning the meaning of harmony within friendship, and mutually beneficial partnerships.  The Sun enters your 7th house further highlighting how important others are to your well-being and quality of life.

CAPRICORN:  The reason for the season has been to provide Capricorns with some breathing room regarding the next cycle of manifestation in their life work and direction.  Relationships are always important to your reputation and public life but changes and for some, challenges have been part of the path.  Now a "reboot" is occurring as Mars moves into direct motion bringing a level of development in your vocational life.  This summer presents a deeper level of reality and substance, and you gain more clarity into the way forward.  Patience equals wisdom.

AQUARIUS:  Much has been occurring behind the scenes in the area of your belief systems and spiritual understanding.  Questioning the vibrational universe we live in is an endeavor worthy of time and contemplation.  Yet, asserting that we know all there is to know as far as truth, can be an ego driven landscape that seeks to be right rather than resonating as truth.  That's the danger when the planet of ego spends an elongated time in the area of higher mind and spirituality.  Yet, some development and awareness is on tap as you right some intellectual wrongs and recalibrate your focus.  Any travel, legal, promotional, publishing, or educational activities that have been put on hold resume forward motion.  A career peak is due in August so no current pressure.  Fun, love and leisure are important for you now.

PISCES:  A unique configuration called a Grand Water Trine is taking form this month and enhancing your belief in self, faith in the universe and safety in self-expression.  Along side this phenomenon is the Mars turning into direct motion event in the area ruling personal transformation and regeneration.  A potent time for your personal integration, raising your vibrational energy - to become the true author of your life while feeling less dependent upon others input, acceptance or views.  The Sun enters the area of your chart that emphases the importance of you, your comfort, your home and your soul.  Increasing faith.


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Week Beginning Friday, May 9th ~

Photo by Scott Anna ~

May 10th:  Sun opposition Saturn (Taurus to Scorpio) at 20 degrees
May 11th:  Venus opposition Mars (Aries to Libra) at 9 degrees / Mercury square Neptune
May 12th:  Mercury trine Mars
May 14th:  Jupiter trine Chiron (Cancer to Pisces) / Full Moon in Scorpio at 23 degrees conjunct Saturn/ Venus square Pluto (Aries to Capricorn) 13 degrees
May 15th:  Venus conjunct Uranus (Aries) 14 degrees while sextiling Mercury in Gemini

A huge focus on our values, resources and relating patterns occurs this week.  As Venus enters the Cardinal T-Square our relating archetypes, self-esteem, personal values, finances and partnerships enter a period of increased awareness, growth through conflict/adjustment and integration.  

ARIES:  Venus is the magnetic force in operation to help you attract and develop consciousness in your relationships.  She synthesizes and incorporates the developments of last month turning up the volume while assimilating your next level of growth.  The Full Moon further highlights your resources - emotional, sexual, financial, investments, partnership support and any other resources that come to you outside of your personal earnings - inheritances, taxes, alimony, loans, debt, corporate budgets.  Culminations occur and a next chapter fully begun in October.

TAURUS:  A very personal process is underway as you are shifting and evolving.  Spiritual development now seeks practical application in your daily life and in your habits of self care - mind body connection.  Healing support is found in your contacts and communications with like minded others and in your dream fulfillment.  Increased understanding arrives in the zone of relationships as partnership developments bring clarity and movement.  Fearful thinking bubbles up to be recognized as old conditioning even while you are awake and "in spirit."

GEMINI:  Venus is your esoteric ruler (spiritual and ego integration) and her activity this week suggests another level of understanding is underway regarding your personal dreams, goals and social connections.  She makes contact with the part of you that gets hung up with old patterns and conditioning - those tapes that tell you it's futile or useless to connect with your dreams and self-actualization.  A time for dealing with fear and taking a step forward anyway!  The Full Moon highlights this very essence - your thoughts and intentions combine with your services and daily habits.  

CANCER:  The awakening process incorporates the understanding that everything "out there" is inherently a mirror.  Another level of realization develops in regard to your relationship to your image, life direction and avocation. The Full Moon enhances the awareness of your heart connection to your dreams and life fulfillment.  You are in a superb position to wrap your conscious understanding of your soul needs with your life journey.  Wisdom is the byproduct as the faith you hold on behalf of your human journey connects with higher levels of compassion and understanding. 

LEO:  The Sun, Moon and Saturn combine this week to elevate a level of enlightenment regarding your reality structure (born out of thoughts and emotions).  This high beam of awareness is about creating structures/realities that provide a foundation of emotional security regardless of what circumstances/others are doing "out there."  Adjustments may involve long held belief systems, your daily effectiveness and health, and the ability to alleviate any hyper diligence or need to control (only I can do this correctly!) the work environment and fellow employees.  Enlightenment encompasses the wisdom that we can only control our thoughts, responses and emotional vibration.  Keep it high and in light.

 VIRGO:  The higher mind and the lower mind are illuminated this week.  More recognition comes into visibility as you recognize limited patterns of thought/conditioning.  While your evolving consciousness beckons you to higher levels of spiritual awareness and the belief in miracles.  It's hard to manifest and raise your vibration when you your left mind is continually analyzing next steps and the "process."  Value is found in the release of outworn attachments to modes of thought while the opportunity to emancipate your mind and psychology opens wider.  Teaching, healing, and increased understanding can be experienced in your world of personal dreams and supportive others.

LIBRA:  You are learning so much about yourself even if you are identifying the process as difficult or challenging.  This gestation period is a gift that is shifting your very axis of self-definition and personal value.  More clearing and awareness develops in your ability to respond to others in a calm state of peace.  You can choose to be pulled into the old conditioning (that's ok) even as you witness yourself in action.  But, now you ARE bearing witness to your energetic interaction with the world around you.  The Full Moon highlights family (again), old fear or limitations, the development of new reality structures and commitment to your emerging value systems.  Faith and wisdom flow in and through your life/career direction and services to the world.

SCORPIO:  Reconciliation between a former sense of self and the emerging self identity is very much in the frame this week.  Another level of reality, personal commitment and work is evident at the Full Moon (but, please do take some personal time).  The balance needed between your spiritual growth and awareness seeks practical application and habit formation in your physicality and work habits or what is called the connections between mind and body.  As above so below.  As you think so shall it manifest.  Support, healing and evolving wisdom is available as you tend to your heart, love, children and creativity.

SAGITTARIUS:  Your dreams are in the molding stage and as you continue to let the molder do his work another dimension of the past falls away.  It's as if you are being reborn and entering a totally new phase in your spiritual journey that demands to express it's highest and most creative self.  Anything that falls away this week is a blessing and a lightening of your load.  Your path to integration requires passion, play, an open heart and a commitment to a life of feeling good.

CAPRICORN:  The gestation period continues regarding your role in this world.  This week an awakening occurs deep down, at the foundation and soul levels as your personal values catch up with your mind and personal power.  The Full Moon is integrating another level of your dreams and how your heart and passions are absolutely necessary to fuel your next chapter of experience.  As your relationship to self expands so does your relationship with others changing your whole thinking and speaking dynamic.

AQUARIUS:  Your mind is changing and reshaping your daily thought patterns.  What you value and how you communicate is undergoing a metamorphosis as you dissolve a bit more fear and emotional armor in order to create more breathing room.  You may perceive a professional roadblock in a judging manner, but energetically you understand the need for patience and the wisdom in going within your home and personal space for sustenance and renewal.  Flow occurs within your resources which are abundant, and your daily schedule.  

PISCES:  The Full Moon creates more opportunity to bring integration to your higher mind and the lower mind of analysis.  Saturn has been the bearer of integrating your knowledge and spiritual truths with your communication style and thought patterns - holistic thinking.  As Jupiter (spiritual purpose) connects with Chiron (wisdom) another layer of understanding and broadening flow commences.  In the process, your self-belief and personal value grows.