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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Week Beginning Friday, May 2nd ~

Mayan Ruins, Tulum Mexico ~ Photo by Jean

Venus - our values, magnetic attraction 
and interpersonal relating style

May 2nd:  Venus ingress Aries (until May 28th) / Mercury opposition Saturn (Taurus to Scorpio)
May 3rd:  Sun trine Pluto at 13 degrees Taurus to Capricorn
May 6th:  Sun sextile Jupiter at 15 degrees Taurus to Cancer
May 7th:  Mercury ingress Gemini (until May 29th) / Sun sextile Chiron from Taurus to Pisces

ARIES:  The urge to merge strengthens with Venus entering your sign.  You feel more loving, softer and attractive.  More light is available to you as you're clearing the density of your life role and merging more and more with your individual soul centered needs.  You express your values more openly energizing your ability to attract to you that which is personally important, appreciated and pleasurable.  A good time for tending to your physical appearance and pampering yourself.  Money, earnings, and application of your resources are supported and acknowledged.

TAURUS:  The urge to merge occurs between your soul self and personality self.  This is a potent time for personal initiation awakening your spiritual vibration to the attachment to your desires.  When we are in flow our needs and expectations of "how" events must occur diminishes.  This is a time for freeing yourself and going within for refreshment and contemplation.  Aligning magnetically with your highest desires for beauty and physical health feels good and refreshes you.  Your work and value takes on an increased communicative and multi-tasking role.

GEMINI:  The actualization of personal goals satisfies as you urge to merge with others in a collaborative and loving manner.  Your relationships receive more "light" and from them are born new impulses for the future.  Tending to your dreams behind the scenes and in contemplation fuses the outward manifestation through intention and speech.  Psychic cohesiveness as well as external agreements and understandings are richly supported.  More integration between your conscious mind and conscious words.

CANCER:  Your public life, reputation, relationship with those who hold influence in your life are the areas of increased value and the urge to merge.  Relationship developments may coincide with life direction and community activity.  Personal value is found interfacing with the public and before groups.  An active time with groups, friends and manifesting your personal goals and dreams.  Practical application without over attachment to outcome is your energy flow.

LEO:  Confidence increases as you receive support and empowerment in the areas of your skills, work schedule, career and life direction.  This week may feel lucky to you but I would assert that what you are experiencing is the recognition of energy manifestation in action.  Spiritual purpose is connected to your goals, social support systems and friendships.  Broadening your horizons be it literal or metaphorical feels good, brings value and expands your perspective of life and personal aspirations.

VIRGO:  Fusion and support is found in your urge to merge with another and outside resources.  A healing time for financial prospects to include:  leases, loans, inheritances, savings and investments as well as corporate resources.  Others are showing their goodwill and partnerships flow more easily.  Deepening trust and intimacy holds value for you as any partnership activities you commit to increases your sense of value and appreciation.  Your communications and mental activities are geared towards the public, career and vocational areas.  Travel, teaching, spiritual and promotional activities feel fluid and copacetic.

LIBRA:  You continue to connect with the need for regeneration as you consciously engage with the need for release and revitalization.  Your inner environment takes precedence over any perceived external focus.  Your urge to merge expands in your relationships with others as a balancing out period ensues alleviating the push and pull of the Cardinal Cross.  A desire for synthesis between your needs and the "others" seeks and finds balance.  Careful of the need to "win" or "compete" in partnership dynamics.  Media, travel, spiritual development and knowledge feeds your mind.

SCORPIO:  Feeling value for your services, what you are good at, and the loving pets in your world increase.  You may also feel more "valued" by your workmates and colleagues.  There may even be an urge to merge with someone in the work place.  Your ability to release your attachment to what others do or do not do continues to free you as your emerging self releases a level of control - agreements and understandings flow easily.  Deep thoughts and discussion ensues regarding resources held with others, finances, debt/loans, sex and savings plans.  

SAGITTARIUS:  You have an urge to merge with a romantic interest, lover, children and your "art."  Value is found in your creative and leisure pursuits.  Expression is quick, spirited and authentic.  A positive week for money, work and career as you experience flow and ease.  Discussion, contact and agreements increase with your partner, clients and professionals that you hire for their expertise.  Spiritual security is found within your talents, services and personal life.

CAPRICORN:  Value is experienced in your personal space, soul home, those you live with and family.  Private time and reflection is soothing.  Beautification of your personal space adds value and flow.  The schedule and work tasks pick up as there is more to respond to, communicate and handle.  Relationships are enriching - the more authentically engaging, the more deep the connection, which in turn mirrors for you the emerging reality that you can feel safe while being authentic.  Children and love continue to open your heart and personal growth.

AQUARIUS:  The Urge to Merge occurs in your communications, travels and community involvement.  You discover value and love in your everyday exchanges and discussions.  A new car or computer may help the flow of expansion and connection.  Your mind is operating more harmoniously and intuitively.  Home and personal life continue to be areas of conscious expansion and this week delivers knowledge and growth, healing and peace.

PISCES:  Your self expression continues to grow and emerge in supportable and evolving displays.  Value is found in the development of your creative talents, spiritual skills, earnings and inspirational belief systems.  More resources may be flowing in through the acquisition of beautiful objects and higher earnings.  Validation for your creative abilities emboldens you to reach higher and more expansively.  Self-esteem deepens.